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  1. - Used for 2 years, very good condition - Original price: SGD899 - Selling because upgrading to bigger TV - Buyer to self collect (I live very close to Kembangan MRT station) If interested, pls contact me at 91456945.
  2. http://cms.asia-city.com/sites/default/files//uSoffa%20Petit_0.jpg - Champagne Red color- Owned for 1 year, hardly used, very good condition - Original price, SGD998- Self-collection in the East (I live very close to Kembangan MRT station) If interested, pls PM me at 91456945
  3. Hi Lunareverie, can you pm me the contact details of your ID/contractor? Really like your brick wall.
  4. o yea i almost forgot, they don't accept credit card. all purchases must be paid via cash or nets. no price negotiations. apart from that, they're not really rigid. and the staff (at the east coast road outlet at least) are very friendly.
  5. i buy quite a lot of my furniture from them. service is good. i once bought a mirror. when i got home and hung it up, i realised the mirror was faulty. i then called wihardja and they offered an exchange (even though exchanges are not allowed). quality is so-so. i'm a big fan of teak furniture so i buy alot of teak furniture from various shops. indonesian teak is supposedly not as good as burmese (myanmar) teak. but i guess you get what you pay for. hope this helps some.
  6. Do NOT buy from KS Auto System. They totally messed up during the installation phase - drilled the hole wrongly! AND now, the string has broken (after less than 1 year), and they are charging SGD50 just to replace the string!?! I repeat do NOT buy from KS Auto System.
  7. have you guys considered insivible grille? i think this is relatively new. i don't have any specific shop to recommend, but just go to google and type in "invisible grille". you get the safety of grill AND still looks good.
  8. i say go for roman blinds. in my home, i have all roman blinds except 1 curtain in the living room (sliding glass door leading to balcony). roman blinds have more character and they are easy to maintain. i just wipe with a cloth once a month, and wash once every year.
  9. try The Shophouse at Gilman Village, they have really nice plates. but be warned, they're not cheap.
  10. check out john erdos, they have very nicely framed mirrors. ranges from sgd800-1500, depending on size and material of frame. hope this helps some.
  11. I'm looking for a part-time maid to clean my place once every 2 weeks (fortnightly). I would prefer to engage individuals who are not attached to agencies. I've heard from friends that they pay only 10-12 per hour (but I am not able to engage their maids because they are located in the West, while I stay in the East). Can anyone recommend?
  12. Have you tried OVAS? There's an outlet in Park Mall (opposite Plaza Sing). VERY nice vases, but also pricey so be prepared.