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  1. Thanks much for the knowledge share... I suppose u in the building industry? And have projects near my area? Any comments on my house?
  2. Thanks @snoozee So I can extend my wall at the boundary line, BUT the shelter has to setback 1m from that wall. Yes, I'm the place in the east.
  3. Hi, I have an enquiry here regarding rear shared boundary with a global school. Referring to the pic, we have a shared slab of concrete, the boundary line is on the slab. My side is marked A. There's a drain just beyond the fence on side B. I want to erect a wall where the canvas is with a sloping shelter to direct rainwater... 1. Can my shelter cross the boundary line? And I erect my wall up to the boundary line? 2. Can I do rectification works on the concrete slab? I'm thinking of adding an incline on the slab to direct water flow to the drain. Thanks.
  4. @snoozee Sorry, forgot to state that the pic was from the Internet as the house is still under-construction and that's closest pic i could get to illustrate my intention of the router's position. We are currently on StarHub's 1Gbps fiber broadband so should likely to carry on with it at the new house. But even with SingTel which u mentioned they provide a ONR that's a router, can we use this router as part of the intended mesh system? Yes, I am planning to have wired backhaul to all levels, that's why i'm catering a 24-ports switch for the house. Now that you suggested the router's location is better off on the ceiling, should i switch to enterprise APs instead? But what i heard from the Netgear guy is that networks switching on APs is not as smooth as in a mesh system as AP networks work independently and you have to add all the SSIDs into your device and let your device connects to the strongest available automatically, Whereas for mesh, u only add 1 SSID and the transition is almost seamless? Is this part true? only thing is that enterprise APs are much more aesthetically pleasing than a mesh router. kinda weird to have a router hanging upside down from the ceiling. So you think using APs is better and more economical? Thanks alot for your knowledge sharing, really appreciate it. The Netgear RBK853 mesh retails at $1,399 for a set of 3. Asus XT8 mesh cost about $500 for a set of 2. Ubiquiti U6 AP cost $279 each.
  5. Hi, need some opinions of wifi setup of a landed property consisting of 3 storey + a mezzanine on the ground floor. L1 - ground floor L2 - mezzanine L3 - bedrooms L4 - attic After much consideration, I'll be using Netgear Orbi RBK853(1 router, 2 satellites) wifi6 mesh system + a 24-ports PoE switch. The fiber ONT will likely to be at the DB box on L1 with 2x cat6 UTP cables connecting to the mezzanine platform floor. Pls refer to blue box on photo for an idea where the router will be mounted. This router will serve the ground floor + mezzanine. With 1 satellite each on level 3 n L4. So the link will be modem@DB - router(blue box on L2) - switch@DB, thus need 2x data point at the router for Ethernet back haul. The other 2 satellites will be centrally mounted/placed on L3 n L4. Is the above setup OK? Or should the router be at L3(central level of the house) n the satellites on L1 n L4? Welcome all comments n advices, thanks.
  6. Seems like the HS is a requirement now for new buildups, anyone has done a basement HS? Is it feasible? Appreciate if can share some pics. Thanks.
  7. hi, appreciate if anyone can share the quote with me too. we are currently looking to rebuild a old semi-d and have met up with kang sheng and nic & wes so would welcome a 3rd opinion. has anyone has got experience with ks and n&wi? so far we find ks very detailed but costly, whereas afraid of alot of unknowns cost from the latter. thanks.
  8. I have 12 tins to sell. Mfg: 20 Sep 2012 Exp: 01 Oct 2014 Manufactured in Spain Deal at West Coast area Watsapp/Sms at 九一六九三七五三 / nine-one-six-nine-three-seven-five-three
  9. have decided some changes, will be spending a nite at Carmel, a night at Luis Oblipo(typo), a night at Santa Barbara then head straight to San Diego for 2 days before going back to LA then LV. what's this 17 mile & mystery spot? can u elaborate? & why do i need a 2ltr car? I got only 2pax travelling. oh where could I pluck peaches to eat for free?? why do u say LV has got free food, is it the casinos? & yes, we'll be going to Grand Canyon via LV, by helicopter!!
  10. Hi, I'll be doing a road trip from SF down to LA then to LV & back to LA. Can anyone recommend some budget & decent accommodations in SF, LA & LV? As I'll be taking the coastal route & probably stopping for 2 nights between SF-LA leg, any suggestion on where to stopover? Other advises, recommendations & suggestions are most welcome too! Thank you.
  11. The Married Men rox!

  12. it's a done deal! we are flying again!

  13. needs a suit for Halloween...hee!

  14. can't wait to go home & catch tonite's news.... :)

  15. where can I catch BPL 'live' on the web?

  16. today will be prata man's last wave...

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  18. 永别了,外婆。。。一路好走,永远怀念你

  19. realised I'm still overnite mj-ready...

  20. need a velocitor for the home, which got the highest rpm?

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  22. feel like taking a cab home n claim...ok let's do it!