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  1. Very disappointed with the plastering and painting jobs. The walls are v wavy, n the paint was patchy. Terribly patchy. N it started chipping a few days after handover. Cracks also appeared. I understand that weathering happens but personally think that it happened too fast too furious! We tried to feedback to the ID and it seems like the answer is always "it's like that, can't be helped". We think either the paint is lousy (dulux all) or the painter is really poorly skilled. The tiling and sanitary fittings are also poorly done. Workmanship is untidy. I was ok to pay a premium to engage fuse concept afterall we like the ID and his design. But we find it grossly overpriced for the kind of workmanship and finish they offer. Along the way we also gave feedback n they agreed to redo/ give us "upgrade". If we had not been so proactive many things could have been worse. We think go to fuse for the design but engage your own contractors!
  2. The ID has been fab. very on the ball, great design and good service. we have a great working relationship. unfortunately the same cant be said for the contractors they use. My house is due for handover soon and I am having a headache from the all round weak workmanship. hope the defects rectification process would be an efficient and fruitful one.
  3. when we opt for copper pipe and then painted over, do we paint the electrical casing the same color as well?
  4. More than a month into our major renovation and we are at the carpentry stage. Handover is scheduled to be in another 3 weeks or so. So far I am happy with the workmanship and commitment of the ID. To me, an ID does the designing work and oversees the entire project to ensure that everything is running smoothly and on time. My ID has far exceeded our expectations in this area, he is onsite very often and very responsive to any query we may have. In fact many times he's more kancheong than we r! He provides options and solutions and contributes ideas along the way. He is definitely not the kind to close a sale and then leave u in the lurch. He gives timely updates and sends me photos when I don't have time to go down to the site. Some feedback: Plastering - well done. My unit has rockstone walls and ceilings. Now everything's good and smooth. Except the plasterer did miss out one area which is too late to remedy now, and the wall condition is quite bad there. We will overlook that after ID's explanation. Painting - looks good. But only first coat for now. Box-ups - excellent workmanship. Seamless I would say. Pipings - quite neat. Nothing to complain. Electrical - not bad. Except electrician left out something again. But ID will see to that. False ceiling - gorgeous! Great workmanship Carpentary - looks gd so far Windows - ok. Except some of the powder coating has chipped off. Hope can touch up. Tiling - my biggest worry. Grouting looks very uneven after chemical wash. Hope all will be well after touching up. Keeping fingers crossed! On the whole, I am happy with the progress and the work of the ID. Hope to get some pictures up soon....
  5. Im into my third week of reno and I have to say that I am v happy with the progress and workmanship so far. I am also v pleased with the designer's commitment and responsibility. He visits the site almost daily and oversees the major works to ensure that everything runs smoothly and workmanship is up to expectations. At the initial stages, we feedback on some minor shoddy details and immediately the ID instructed the workers to redo the parts we are not very satisfied with. We are also provided with daily updates and ID has been very involved and would suggest changes/ improvement along the way. I truly appreciate and applaud his dedication. Would provide more updates along the way....
  6. Yesterday was a long day shopping at curtain shops for me. I went to 4 shops altogether and my reviews are as follows: 1. MGL curtains - first stop. Went in blur blur because my first time shopping for curtains. Showroom was well stocked with samples and show pieces. But a little messy. Sales person who served me was friendly and patient, but I found him abit disorganized. He loaded me with almost 10 albums and did not offer much directions or tips on how to select. Besides he did not check what I like or want before overwhelming me with things I don't need. Not very systematic. But he was patient throughout and answered my queries. Spent 2 hrs in the shop n walked out feeling quite lost and not really liking what I have chosen. This shop also has limited selection for kids curtains. Pricewise is market rate I would say, with sone room for nego. Not pushy. 2.D Zander - staff of Doris attended to me as the latter was rushing out for a ppt. Staff was systematic and offered advice but at excessive. She asked for what u want n give u 2 albums, check your response before giving you more options. Procedure was a lot more organized and went through floor plan room by room to select materials. I was able to find what I like within half an hour n I feel much more relaxed and happy with the process. Pricing was close to mgl, v reasonable and I definitely like this shop better although the setup look somewhat more like an admin office than curtains shop. But they more or less had the basic samples. 3. Jimmy Textiles - wide selection, staff was ok, not impatient nor overly friendly. Found what I wanted in 20 mins! Price was the cheapest,although not by a lot. Not sure if can further nego as the price quoted was already lower than the rest. Have my doubts about the after sale service as it looks like a simple, no frills shop. U order, they install then bye-bye type? Has kids collection. 4. J&S at Plaza Singapura - don't bother unless u hv a lot of money to splurge. Price quoted was 100% higher than the rest of the 3 shops. They quoted me $6000 for a 5 room flat!!!!! Has kids collection. I have not signed up with any of the shops but would most likely go with 1of the above. Conclusion, all 4 shops hv an equally wide selection so that's not a problem. Cost wise, the first 3 shops are comparable. Personally what differentiates them is the level of customer service provided. Good luck in your selections!
  7. hi ive just gotten all my lightings today. prior to this, we visited a few shops, some of which cant remember the name. the few i recall are as follows... lightings.com.sg - visited the jalan besar branch, find the range quite limited, the salesman was not very knowledgable nor helpful. maybe better luck at balestier?? vlux at geylang - expensive and offered strictly 10% discount only. service so-so, staff lukewarm but would still give you attention, bought a few lights cos cant find anywhere else. 168 trading at jalan besar - my favourite shop. range was reasonable, service was good and prompt and it seems like a good and honest shop. gave good discount and threw in spare bulbs. staff was knowledgable, helpful and patient. bought most of my lights there.
  8. Joven instant heater is the worst! Mine is the digital temperature one. I've had it for almost 5 years and the service men came at least once every 6 months. Each time I had to pay up to $100. The last straw came and I decided to change to 707, since then ive not had any prob.
  9. Hi I have signed up with Fuse Concept and my house is currently undergoing renovation, can't comment on the workmanship yet. We have consulted 3 IDs and 1 contractor and decided to go with Fuse although it is not cheap. Reason being we find the designer the most dedicated and offered more ideas than the rest. It was the only firm that offered us a decent 3D proposal within a reasonable time frame. The rest of the designs paled in comparison, they just look so textbook no originality and had to look to us to name our every little requirement. For people who don't mind paying a little bit more for more individuality, I recommend my ID. So far, the ID has given us satisfactory solutions to all our concerns, he is always available to answer our queries and is prompt in updating us on Reno progress. At times, he may get alittle bit impatient and sacarstic but on the whole, I still think he's responsible and diligent in ensuring everything is in place. Hopefully in a couple of weeks time I can offer some insight on workmanship.
  10. Bed bugs do come with furniture and they hide in the crevices of the frame, esp if they are wood. Plastic/ metal furnitures are less susceptible. They are also very hardy creatures that can stay alive even without feeding for a year.a professional job costs $600 and you got to evacuate and clean up like mad! People who have never experience for themselves would never understand the mental and psychological stress that these pests can cause to people who value high standards of hygiene. And like someone here mentioned as long as their warehouse is infested most of the furnitures would be infected. And they manifest at an alarming speed! Google on bed bugs and you'll read about other peoples horrifying experiences and how they have fought repeated losing battles with them.
  11. Hi all, Query deleted. Pls search on other threads inputed by other users.