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    Those bamboo poles are not considered as arrows... Unless they are pointed like spears. If you go to the kitchen and look out of the windows, there are many bamboo poles from the opposite block pointing to you as well. Instead I will be concerned about the clearance of the corridor in the event that a fire broke out. Those bamboo poles and the hanging structure take up at least one third of the corridor space. And this is a good valid reason to report it to the TC. But your neighbour will definitely know that you are the one who reported it cos you have approached them before. If you cannot tahan seeing those poles, go and buy a tall plant to deflect the "arrows"
  2. Your answers to those questionnaires at CMPB must be very garang in order to earn you a place in commandos unit I heard that the training for naval divers are quite 凶!
  3. Helicopter rappelling and demolition are considered as risky exercises. Anyway, all combat units have some form of risky exercises. At the end of the day, safety is the most important thing to be observed at all time.
  4. PES E personnel does not need to go for reservist. 因祸得福! If your 3rd son is not PES B and he's musically talented... then he may be posted to the SAF Music & Drama Company.
  5. Hee hee... are u a right-handed person? Is it a "house chord line"? I have a lot of "house chord lines" on both my palms
  6. Thanks for the link, Mae. I think it will be easier if there is a picture (as above) to explain. He has an additional line in between the Will Line and Logic Line, so it divided the logic section into 2 parts. That additional line is unbroken, long and parellel to the other 2 lines (Will & Logic). Anatomy of the thumb joints is normal.
  7. When things are not running smoothly for me... I will hum/sing "Let It Be"
  8. Both lines are deep, long and unbroken. Normally we have one crease at our thumb's joint. But he has one crease at his thumb's joint and another one further down. Surrounded by VIPs... Hahaha! You are very smart
  9. My son has 2 prominent lines (phalanges) across his thumb instead of one. Any idea what it means?
  10. Eden is right. He maybe heaty. There was a box of Toblerone chocolate, a packet of herbal drink and a bottle of green tea on his desk in one of the photos. Late nights maybe one of the contributing factors as well. Time to brew some mommy's home-made barely or green bean soup
  11. I won't be surprised if your son has one or two simain lines or sydney lines on his palms