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  1. yea.. solar film is a good alternative.. there are those that u can see the outside, but the outside cannot see u..
  2. notice the placement of stuff in ur kitchen, seems like u do cook.. and with a slim hood, i would say not advisable to put a roller blind in the kitchen cos of the oil and grease.. imagine the grease on the blinds and then u roll it in... =.=" unless u want to do a thorough cleaning of the blinds each time u roll up...
  3. hi fairydust, nope.. the tiles need not be removed to fix the mixer u are getting.. cos they will use back the hot/cold water pipings laid by HDB and just changing the mixer and ur shower head... yea.. there will be height restrictions if there is pipings in ur bathroom.. just measure from ur mixer up to the piping, that will be ur height limit so that when u buy ur shower set, u can tell the person.. otherwise, ur ID should also know how to measure and let u know.. on a side note, there are 2 kinds of shower set regarding height restrictions.. 1 is fixed and the other is adjustable... ours is adjustable one so we can adjust it accordingly to our height restrictions.. =)
  4. Hi All, Sorry for the lack of updates! Been really busy and good news is.. we've moved in!!! Wheeee~~~ Will post some pictures of our finished place.. =D
  5. What's Next? Next week's itinerary... - Granite Kitchen Top - MBR Wallpaper - Mirror @ Dining Area - Kitchen Glass Door - Marble Slab Polishing - Living Room Carpentry Handover expected to be 16th April.. One more week!!! Whee......... =D
  6. Aircon Fancoil All fancoils are up! =D
  7. Living Room Marble Flooring Uncle doing the last portion of the floor.. Unpolished overview..
  8. MBR Bathroom Very difficult to take picture due to space constraints! Haha.. Sorry for the weird angles.. Rainshow up! But not tested! Will test soon!! =)
  9. MBR The wife loves the laminate used on the wardrobe! It looks like it's 3D but it's actually not.. Hehe..
  10. Here comes the exciting part! At least it was very exciting for us! Hehe.. Carpentry! Johnson's carpenter's workmanship is pretty good! Sorry for the not so well lit pictures as we took them in the night.. Lolx.. Here goes.. Our Red & White Kitchen!
  11. Guest Room Light Guest Room Wall Colour
  12. Renovation Progress We've progressed a lot since the last update! In summary, almost all lights are up! Marble flooring slabs all laid! Carpentry with the exception of living room all up! Aircon fancoils installed! Rainshower up! Gas Heater + Water Pipings done! Whee~~~ Some pictures to share.. =D Service Yard + HHS Light Kitchen Light MBR + Common Bathroom Light Downlights Star-star Light
  13. Almost double of homo tiles price... =| Hopefully it's as worth it as we feel it will be...
  14. Renovation Progress Was over @ CS today and they have started hacking! I reach around noon when the workers were having lunch break so managed to snap some pictures. Hehe.. City Gas arrived around 2pm and started to lay the gas pipes.. Johnson was there to tell them how to lay, I was there to kpoh only (and to take pictures of course).. Lolx.. Citygas heater is also up in the service yard! Right after gas pipes are up, hacking is done, debris is cleared and sand has been hauled up to prepare for laying.. Tomorrow ~~ - Laying of slabs in living room - Painting in rooms
  15. no lah.. we oni doing the living/dining.. the bedrooms will still be HDB given parquet...
  16. Renovation Progress There hasn't been much going on @ our unit last week.. One reason was cos we decided to change to marble last minute.. Else, flooring shld have been done by now.. Checked with Johnson and he sees says there won't be a delay in schedule as carpentry works are ongoing and so far they have completed the kitchen cabinets, entertainment room console and study table, MBR cabinet.. And they are working on the living room carpentry now.. Hacking of the living room will be tomorrow and thereafter, tiles will be laid.. Estimated completion beginning next week.. Painting works will then start and then carpentry will be up.. Gas pipes and gas heater will be installed tmr.. Think there will be lotsa changes in our unit from this week to next.. Can't wait, can't wait!! =D
  17. Marble Selection So we've made a big, big decision and decided to change to marble flooring for our living/dining area instead of homogenous tiles.. =D We went for a "dry lay" session today at the tiles warehouse @ Sungei Kadut.. Spent one hour choosing 157 slabs, making sure we liked the grains and that the marble had no defects etc.. @ the end of it, this is the rough overall look of how it will be.. From the main door entrance From the bed room entrances Close up of one of the tiles..
  18. Hihi, Our ID is Johnson from Debbie Decor. He doesn't have a website but I've PM-ed you his contact.. =)
  19. The TV we sold to a neighbour who was also going to buy the same TV.. As for the entertainment system, the wife's office has a buy-sell online intranet platform where they can post stuff to sell.. Managed to sell it there.. =) No marble pics yet.. =) Going to choose the slabs this Saturday! Woo Hoo.. Will upload pics aft that.. =)
  20. Hihi, Yupz, we got our rain shower last week.. It took abt a week + from the day we ordered till it arrived.. I'm not sure if it's a stroke of bad luck on our end but we received a mixer with a small little dent.. Tried contacting the seller but he din reply.. So I suppose we won't recommend this seller to anyone.. We can't be sure if it's the customs officer or the mixer was already defected when it was sent out.. =(
  21. Renovation Progress Whee! The platform in our MBR is up! The husband had a good time napping on this over the weekend whiles waiting for our appointment... Hahah.. Besides the platform, all tiling works for bases in the kitchen, bathrooms and service yard is done... Ceiling works in the entire house is done.. This coming week, tiling works will start for the living room.. We are still considering if we shld use marble (tho we already chose our homo tiles..) Will need to wait and see how much ID will quote and how deep a hole in the pocket it will burn before we decide...
  22. Bought a few items within the last week or so.. =) Philips LED FHD TV - 42PFL8605 Ok, so those who have been reading our T-blog will be asking.. Another TV?!? Yup, we were so impressed with the TV @ the IT Show (We think the host did his job really well) that we grabbed it during the hourly special.. $400 more expensive than the LG TV we initially bought.. But we had a free entertainment system which we managed to sell to recoup some of that.. The LG TV that we bought has also been sold.. =P 50hz to 100hz with an addition of sub-woofers and clear picture and ambient lights.. We think it's a pretty good upgrade? (Or so we hope.. =p) Philips Blueray Player - 42PFL8605 For the entertainment room.. Kitchen Clock Love this clock to bits! For the kitchen.. The red fits the scheme of our kitchen too! The husband spotted it and the wife made the decision to buy.. Hehe..