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  1. Hi,

    saw your post on your furniture shopping in jb. 
    Can i have the address and name of the shop?

    Thank you 


  2. Hi Dizy,

    Do you mind telling me the quotation's amount or list?

    Which ID did you use?

    Thank you so much.


  3. yea.. solar film is a good alternative.. there are those that u can see the outside, but the outside cannot see u..
  4. notice the placement of stuff in ur kitchen, seems like u do cook.. and with a slim hood, i would say not advisable to put a roller blind in the kitchen cos of the oil and grease.. imagine the grease on the blinds and then u roll it in... =.=" unless u want to do a thorough cleaning of the blinds each time u roll up...
  5. hi fairydust, nope.. the tiles need not be removed to fix the mixer u are getting.. cos they will use back the hot/cold water pipings laid by HDB and just changing the mixer and ur shower head... yea.. there will be height restrictions if there is pipings in ur bathroom.. just measure from ur mixer up to the piping, that will be ur height limit so that when u buy ur shower set, u can tell the person.. otherwise, ur ID should also know how to measure and let u know.. on a side note, there are 2 kinds of shower set regarding height restrictions.. 1 is fixed and the other is adjustable... ours is adjustable one so we can adjust it accordingly to our height restrictions.. =)
  6. Hi All, Sorry for the lack of updates! Been really busy and good news is.. we've moved in!!! Wheeee~~~ Will post some pictures of our finished place.. =D
  7. What's Next? Next week's itinerary... - Granite Kitchen Top - MBR Wallpaper - Mirror @ Dining Area - Kitchen Glass Door - Marble Slab Polishing - Living Room Carpentry Handover expected to be 16th April.. One more week!!! Whee......... =D
  8. Aircon Fancoil All fancoils are up! =D
  9. Living Room Marble Flooring Uncle doing the last portion of the floor.. Unpolished overview..
  10. MBR Bathroom Very difficult to take picture due to space constraints! Haha.. Sorry for the weird angles.. Rainshow up! But not tested! Will test soon!! =)
  11. MBR The wife loves the laminate used on the wardrobe! It looks like it's 3D but it's actually not.. Hehe..
  12. Here comes the exciting part! At least it was very exciting for us! Hehe.. Carpentry! Johnson's carpenter's workmanship is pretty good! Sorry for the not so well lit pictures as we took them in the night.. Lolx.. Here goes.. Our Red & White Kitchen!
  13. Guest Room Light Guest Room Wall Colour
  14. Renovation Progress We've progressed a lot since the last update! In summary, almost all lights are up! Marble flooring slabs all laid! Carpentry with the exception of living room all up! Aircon fancoils installed! Rainshower up! Gas Heater + Water Pipings done! Whee~~~ Some pictures to share.. =D Service Yard + HHS Light Kitchen Light MBR + Common Bathroom Light Downlights Star-star Light