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  1. Hi Defelio, Did you paint the floor tile or the wall tile?
  2. Hi Zero, Can you suggest slim & strong suction hood for our open kitchen concept, as well as the hob. Preferably asian brands. Thank you so much!
  3. Sorry to hear about your unreasonable neighbour..hope everything work out ok.. its important for long term also
  4. Hi there, love your living room! We have similar style for our living room with the white brick and all.. cant wait to see the actual one! Keep posting, lovely design!
  5. Hi,

    Can you give us quotation for overlay& supply of 2 bathrooms size 33,5 sqf/each based on $2.4 tiles.

    Also hacking and kitchen floor tiling.

    Please email us winstonhellen@gmail.com

    Thanks a lot!

  6. Hi,

    Are you using Defong interior?

    How's the process so far? Is the IDn is good to work with?


  7. Hi, you are using contractor ID type?

    Does he charge ID price or contractor price?

  8. Hi there, love your white house. I am going to do my reno, Scandinavian style, so a bit siilar with urs.. can I have you ID and quotes please?

    Please email me at winstonhellen@gmail.com

    Thanks a lot!!

  9. Hi Dizy,

    Do you mind telling me the quotation's amount or list?

    Which ID did you use?

    Thank you so much.


  10. Hi Jumpstreet,

    I received this quotation for the brick tile :

    Supply & lay 9ft(L) x 8.5ft(H) BRICK TILES TV feature wall in painted finish as $ 3 ,000.00

    per design proposed.

    I was wondering if that is expensive or average quotation. Perhaps if you don't mind, can you comment on it?

    Thank you so much!


  11. Hi there, I had the same idea with the glass half wall in our study room to overlook the living room. Initially I find it difficult to find similar pic for reference, thanks for sharing!I think it looks fabulous! You can install a curtain to set your privacy. However, I decided to do a window opening than a glass, as it doesn't suit our interior style of Scandinvaian-classic. Keep posting please!
  12. Hi there, do you have any final picture of your house?

    I'm keen on doing the brick wall as well. But not sure on the maintainance.

    Can you tell me who is ur ID?

    Thank u so much!!

  13. Hi thirdrockdweller, Nice house, I love your study room and how you make billy bookcase looks cool &solid. Can I ask whether you use ID or contractor? Since you skimp on the carpentry work, do you save a lot in your renovation cost? Thankss!
  14. Hi Jumpstreet! Thanks for replying. Freshome, Decor8, Design sponge have been my staple read for the past 1 year. It really helps in shaping the kind of house we want, but the execution is always the challenge. I talked to few interior designer about the white brick wall, and they discouraged me because it requires frequent cleaning. One of them said, once a week to vacuum the wall. That's a bit too much, isn't? How often do you need to clean the brick wall? Thanks!