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  1. I have been following this thread but tuned out of RT for a while. Now that I'm back, I must say that your home is very impressive. Nice photos to bring out the decor.
  2. Your place looks great! Congratulations.
  3. Nice comfortable looking home!
  4. Very elegant and tastefully done! Especially without an ID.... Bravo!
  5. Hi there, Your place is looking good... Congrats! I like that you've used halogen (if I'm not mistaken) for your downlights. Gives the place a warmer feel.
  6. Thanks for replying on my behalf Yes, the spots are from Lightcraft. They are called Opple. Moderate build quality only.
  7. Hi

    Can I have the upholstery company where you did your upholstery ?for your sofa? Thanks!

  8. No, we used normal paint. It is just harder to paint as the painters can't use a roller brush. We were worried at first as 15L looked quite small. However, we soon realized that it was enough for our quick showering habits AND it is fast to heat up, about 3 mins.
  9. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I have removed the email notifications from Renotalk and don't check in here often. I've upgraded the keyboard and mouse to the Logitech K400 as it more user friendly. Can get it for about $60 at Sim Lim Square.
  10. Hi all, Sorry for the late replies... My craftstone wall was about $2.4k... but I was watching the usage like a hawk and managed to get the contractor to return a few of the leftover tiles, which got the price down to $1.8k. It think it should be about 18ft x 12ft as well (aga aga). Initially, they made the bricks too close together. We had to ask them to remove it and leave a gap between the bricks to simulate concrete.
  11. Love the details that you're adding to your place now. I was totally knackered at the end of everything that I just stopped completely... ha ha. Keep your posts coming!
  12. Hey there! Been a long time, I see that you've more or less settled into your home. Thanks for the tip, I'll go grab a tube of autosol and sacrifice a precious weekend to get down to it.
  13. Thanks. We bought the chairs eons ago from SPACE. Was $250/pc then. I think you can get them much cheaper now. They look good and are very comfortable. Can't ask for more. The dowel legged ones are more popular now as I see them almost everywhere.
  14. Congratulations! Was not sure how the white painted brick wall could work but you guys really did it! Cosy joint and love the pfizer pillow... ha ha! All the best to you and your new nest. JS
  15. Can't remember the price. Try SPACE. Forget about the Thailand made ones, the dimensions and leather used feel wrong. I think we used CIF and some elbow grease. Wife removed the rust, but there are some scratches now... I'd rather scratches than rust.