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  1. Hi all, I'm currently looking for ID/ Contractor to renovate my 4rm HDB resale. I have so far gotten a quotation for the following: A. Demolition 2750 1. Kitchen cabinet sink support and kerb, Kitchen built in cabinets, Master Bedroom Built in Cabinet 1650 2. New Master Bedroom Entrance 400 3. Haulage and disposal 700 4. Hack 1 side of storeroom wall ? B. Kitchen 10530 1. Kitchen Cabinet Base w Tiles 800 2. Replace tiles Kitchen Wall & floor (Cabinet area only) 1200 3. Material and Labour to install Kitchen Sink 650 4. Bottom Kitchen Cabinet 13ft Solid plywood, premium High Pressure laminate w PVC internal finishes 2340 5. Top cabinet 13ft w dish rack (material same as above) 2340 6. Quartz Kitchen worktop 1950 7. Tempered glass door 1000 8. Tempered glass panel 250 C. Living Room 4620 1. Skirting and Cornice around all rooms except kitchen ? 2. Full height Shoe cabinet 5ft 1620 3. Tv console and feature wall 6ft 3000 D. Bedrooms 4960 1. Veneer door x3 1700 2. Wardrobe pole system black powdered finish w sliding door 6ft 2280 3. Master bedroom new entrance tiles 800 4. Door frame for master bedroom 180 E. Others 3700 1. Level kitchen floor to make dining area (10cm x 130cm x 280cm) ? 2. Main fire rated veneer door 1500 3. Metal gate in powdered coat finish 1000 4. A/C box up 750 5. Seal old Master bedroom entrance 450 Total 26560 Those ? i haven't gotten any quotation for it but is considering to do it too. Anybody has done similar works like this? I personally feel that the demolition cost is way too high for simple hacking of the kitchen and 1 wardrobe... Some of the carpentry works is also kind of on the high side for me. and the wardrobe pole system i would definitely expect it to be much cheaper compared to a built in wardrobe... $2280 is too much for a few poles and a sliding door.
  2. Hi,

    saw your post on your furniture shopping in jb. 
    Can i have the address and name of the shop?

    Thank you