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  1. Another happy buy today... Starfish Wall Light for Bedroom 2 aka future baby room.. The wife super loves this one..
  2. Very messy area where ceiling was done.. Now we understand why Johnson says he will do homo tiles after false ceiling is done up.. Our shoe soles were all white after we stepped out of our unit.. Packs of cement.. For ceiling? Or for tiles? Stack of kitchen tiles ready in the kitchen.. For base works..
  3. Entertainment Room False Ceiling Johnson helped us to box up the aircon trunkings that were visible along this side of the wall.. MBR Not started yet... Items placed at the side ready for tomorrow.. Some weird markings that only the contractors will understand on the wall.. Shifted lighting point in MBR.. Hidden in the ceiling, no casing.. =)
  4. Ceiling Works We headed to our unit today (again) to check out the ceiling works.. Being the first day, we were expecting to see metal support still up in the ceiling waiting to be plastered.. We wanted to capture that as part of our reno process blogging.. But then.. We were in for a surprise when we arrived! Not sure if it's the common pace for all ceiling works but we were really shocked to see the false ceiling for the living room, entertainment room and the false wall @ kitchen entrance completed! In the dark, we used our handphone light to illuminate whatever we could and took pictures.. Haha.. Please pardon the not-so-well-lit photos.. Living Room False Ceiling "Hole" for our aircon unit.. Kitchen False Wall Kitchen False Ceiling We found the metal supports we wanted to take in the false ceiling of the kitchen entrance.. That area had to be boxed up cos of a weird beam sticking out.. (u can see a little of it on the right side of the picture..)
  5. orrr.. i see what u mean.. its like our bedroom2..
  6. Got ourselves 14 T5 4ft and 4 T5 3ft tubes as well.. Super happy with our lights purchase today.. Pretty cheap too! But, we think we kinda got "chopped" for our bathroom accessories buy.. =P Progress on Reno Dropped by our new home today and electricals are all done! Stuff have been placed in our unit to prepare for ceiling works which will be on-going for the next 3 days.. After which, tiling works will start.. YEAH!! =D
  7. Dining Lights Our most expensive light in today's purchase.. Chandelier dining lights.. The one we bought has a black frame instead of a white one.. This picture is to show it with the LED lights switched on.. With warm lights and LED together Entertainment Room Light We haven bought this yet.. Still KIV-ing.. We wanted a more abstract, modern look for the light in the entertainment room.. This one looks whacky but doesn't seem to have the modern look we wanted..
  8. Burger Lights - Bathrooms Side View Small Ceiling Light - HHS & Service Yard Square Ceiling Light - Kitchen Will be changing the "ring-type" bulb to "2d-type" bulb Ceiling Light - Bedroom 3
  9. Square Downlights The wife loves the illuminating edge effect this downlight gives.. Bought 11 of these downlights.. 3-bulb LED Spotlight For the Entertainment Room.. Light Remote Control Bought 2 of this - One for MBR, one for Entertainment Room.. For the lazy, lazy us.. =P
  10. Corner Shelving - Master Bathroom Hanging Hooks - Both Bathrooms Stainless Steel Toilet Brush Holder - Common Bathroom
  11. Valve for Spray - Master Bathroom Please ignore the camera lens reflected.. Lolx.. Should have taken in another angle.. Valve for Spray - Common Bathroom The wife says, the valve for common bathroom can just take normal one.. No need nice de.. (save $10) Simple Mirror - Common Bathroom Shelf (Below Mirror) - Common Bathroom
  12. Had a really, really fruitful day.... Lightings - CONFIRMED! (expect for one light for the entertainment room) Bathroom Accessories - CONFIRMED! Wallpaper - We've shortlisted one design we really, really like, but pending news on further discounts.. Lolx.. Some pictures on the stuff we bought today! Toilet Roll Holder - Both bathrooms Double Bar Towel Rack - Common Bathroom Towel Rack - Master Bathroom Spray Set - Both bathrooms
  13. Ur tiles look quite like the ones we chose! But can't really confirm without seeing the actual one.. Hehe.. But urs looks good!
  14. Renovation Progress Spot Check! Electricals look 90% done.. Johnson says everything will complete by today (Saturday).. Next up, ceiling works will start on Monday! Fast and Furious! WE LIKE! =D
  15. The lamp that the husband has been eyeing since dunno when... The real one can cost up to $1000+... We are contented with just a replica of this from Novena.. =)
  16. Online Shopping We bought some items online via gmarket and ebay.. Most are local sellers but one of them (the biggest purchase) is an overseas seller.. Crossing fingers that we'll get our items safe and sound, without any issues.. Rainshower Costs an average of SGD400 in local shops for a square rain shower.. Saw this on ebay for about SGD250 (after shipping).. Item description seems to be pretty good quality.. Seller seems to be of good rating.. So we took the chance.. Good news is that the seller is very responsive, we emailed him after purchasing and he was fast to response.. *Cross fingers* Living Room Clock Johnson says this is perfect for our living room.. We have the same sentiments.. Delivery next week! =D Toothpaste Dispenser The wife found this online and decided to get it for the MBR bathroom.. No more toothpaste lying around and no more "blur" aftermath in the morning to clear.. Hangers Yes, you are right... The wife even researches on hangers.. =p Velvet anti-slip super slim hangers.. Got a sample from the seller and did some testing (on jeans with some hard swinging and jerking motions) and it passed.. Bulk ordered with a few of our future neighbours.. =)
  17. we only have 2 choices.. 1. to go through the windows.. 2. to go under the window and in, through the wall.. option 2 will also means we have a super duper low trunking... so we opted for 1. but for 1 the aircon man actually suggested to seal up the whole window pane at the beginning but we were skeptical about sealing up 1 pane and left with a very small ventilation.. so we ask him to do what was shown in the photo... btw what u mean by 'isolated corner'?
  18. Hihi, Below are the details.. =) Bellari 117 Jalan Besar (junction with Veerasamy Road) - next to 7-Eleven Tel: 6296-3455 Hotline: 900-34034 Business Hours: 12noon - 7pm (Daily
  19. MBR Bathroom Mr All Best suggested sealing up the whole section of the right window.. The husband went ?!?!? and suggested just removing one glass panel and it's holder so we at least still can use the window for ventilation, even if it's only left with 2 glass panels.. View from Service Yard This is the outside view of the MBR bathroom windows, which is the air-con ledge.. Aircon Ledge Insulation was upgraded to half inch so many many thick tubings... Drainage in Service Yard Washing machine base will be build on top of this, but will ask ID to leave a bigger hole on the top for easy maintenance during aircon servicing...
  20. Aircon Trunking The first day of our renovation was marked by the installation of aircon trunkings.. The All Best crew arrive @ 1030am in the morning and worked till 530pm.. (The wife tot it would only take half a day..) The first hour was discussion on how the trunking needs to be run... Mr All Best gave his suggestions based on what was the best way to run, Mr Johnson gave his concerns based on how it would affect the design of our place and the husband made the final call by taking in feedback from both sides.. Finally it was decided.. And the final outcome of our trunkings... Living Room No trunkings in the living room... MBR Many, many trunkings... Most will be hidden by the false ceiling, but small sections will be seen.. Entertainment Room Part of it will be hidden by false ceiling, but small sections will be seen... Bedroom 2 aka future baby room The least used room for now and no trunkings...
  21. Cookware Ok, we admit, it might be just a little too early for the pots and pans.. But we were so excited, we bought them.. =P They are now sitting on what's left of very little space in our small, small bedroom.. Hahaha.. But.. They will be going to the new home soon (hopefully in the next one mth!) WMF 6 piece Cookware We bought this @ Robinsons using a $50 voucher.. Came down to $170... Few days later, we saw it going on Sale @ Taka @ $150... *bang wall* =| Too late... WMF Ceramic Coated Non-stick Frying Pan This, we bought @ the Taka Sale (hopefully don't see it cheaper elsewhere already)... $59...
  22. Kitchen Sink The husband was intrigued with the looks of a square sink but they don't really come cheap when we looked @ brands like Franke.. We happened to walk into Bellari @ Jalan Besah and saw a sink that caught the husband's eye.. Price-wise was definitely cheaper than Franke, material was the same, made in Italy as well.. Grab ah! lolx.. Anyway, here's what we got from Bellari ProSink + Colander (Drainer) This sink comes in 3 types.. The one in the pic is the sink whereby the tap is drilled into the table top.. The one we got has an extended piece for us to drill our tap into.. They didn't have it on display, so we could only take a picture of this.. We had to pay for the drainer as well, the wife say it's useful when we wana thaw food, since it's a single bowl sink, we can't be thawing and washing at the same time.. Pullout Tap We wanted to a tap that was flexible enough to wash all parts of the sink aka not fixed. The husband doesn't really like the looks of the tap that has coils around which has this function, so we got this instead.. The wife thinks it's pretty clean cut too (easy to clean).. =P Soap Dispenser Another hole will be drilled between the tap and the right end of the sink to make space for this dispenser.. Will look prettier and neater without bottle of detergent lying around.. =)