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  1. Brandt Glass Gas Hob / Wall Mount Hood [TG-890XC / AD-658XC1] We were sourcing for our hob & hood in Harvey Norman yesterday as well.. The 3 burner Hobs that Turbo have, the burners are of very close proximity to each other.. we feel that if thats the case, it defeats the purpose of buying a 3 burner as u will not be able to use the other burner once u use ur wok.. Other brands that they have are Electrolux and Brandt.. The wife then sets her eyes on this pair of Brandt Hob & Hood which are made in Italy and France respectively..
  2. LG 10KG Washing Machine [WF-T1000] Washing Machine was a really simple call.. We have a LG washing machine at home currently that has been working so efficiently for years that the wife is so bent on getting another one for our new home.. and of cos, the affordability won us over too! =)
  3. Panasonic Fridge (Inverter) [NR-BY551XSSG] We were originally thinking of getting an unfanciful Hitachi fridge and only after we saw this for a mere $200 more for an inverter fridge and the looks that mesmorized us that we were certain we are getting this model..
  4. LG 42" FHD LED TV [42LE4500] After CNY visiting, we concluded that the original plan of having our existing 32" TV for our living room is too SMALL! haha... So when we went to buy our electrical appliances yesterday, we got ourselves another TV for the living room. We laid our eyes on this LED TV which is only a dollar less than a grand!! =D
  5. Thanks BunBun!! I see that u bought ur furnitures from JB too... so I'm sure u're speaking from ur own experience.. May I ask where u bought ur furnitures from??
  6. we got our aircon config from All Best, during the Electronics & Furniture Fair @ Suntec.. damage was $3650.. the toilet vanity is what HDB is giving us.. we're not hacking anything in the toilet...
  7. Jacq, from what we gathered from our friends who bought furnitures from JB.. before we buy, we must confirm the warranty from them. like what u said, found defects upon delivery, will they do replacement etc.. as the other day we only went in to recce so we haven really went to the details but their warranty on sofa includes the seats which if it soften and sink overtime, they will come and do replacement or something that sort... read somewhere duno from which forum also, that to safeguard ur interest, take pictures of the things u buy also.. when they deliver u can compare..
  8. when we did our research for reno loan, it was indeed RHB and Maybank that has the lowest interest rates..
  9. The wife wanted another set of Hair Dryer & Hair Straightener which was limited edition but it was out of stock when the husband was there that day... End up, he got them separately based on the staff recommendations: Hair Dryer [HP8183] Hair Straightener [HP8300]
  10. Philips had another round of CNY sale for their staff and we took the chance to buy what we left out from the previous sale. The husband made the trip down again during lunch time on 1st Feb.. too bad, lightings were not included for sale this time round... as we would have got them this time round.. Fidelio Docking Speaker [DS1100/12] We wanted to get this docking system for the wife's iPod Touch the last time but were caught in a dilemma whether or not to get it, only for the sale to end.. Its okay, we still managed to get it afterall.. Tested after we got it and both of us were truly impressed by the sound quality!! =) Cordless Phone [CD2702S/90] The photograph is really doing the actual color injustice as the actual phone is really pearl white (which the wife loves!).. It sooo complement our 3D that we decided to get this..
  11. Hey Jess & Wing, we've pm-ed u guys.. sorry for the late reply.. And, HAPPY CNY!!! =) 恭喜恭喜!
  12. Yea, it is glass on one side (wardrobe) and see through on the other (bed).. We are not too sure what glass it is, we just told our ID that's the effect we want and he settled it for us.. But this effect only works in the daytime, in the night, we'll be able to see through a little to the bed area from the wardrobe side..
  13. 3D Drawing (Phase3) - Entertainment Room Layout confirmed but this is another drawing based on a different color theme! Is this nicer or Phase2's color scheme nicer?? (Also included at the bottom of this post) 3D Drawing (Phase2) - Entertainment Room
  14. 3D Drawing (Phase3) - Master Bathroom Requested our ID to super impose in our actual vanity. Looks even more real now.. Confirmed!
  15. 3D Drawing (Phase3) - Master Bedroom View 1 of 2 Got ID to super impose in our wedding portrait.. =D Our glass/mirror panel will be moved to the middle of the half height cabinet so that the ledge is accessible at both sides.. 3D Drawing (Phase3) - Master Bedroom View 2 of 2 Wallpaper design will be changed during the actual selection.
  16. 3D Drawing (Phase3) - Kitchen View 1 of 2 Phase2 drawing too "red".. extra panel of red changed to white.. Still loving it.. Confirmed! 3D Drawing (Phase3) - Kitchen View 2 of 2 No changes made. Confirmed!
  17. 3D Drawing (Phase3) - Dining Hall No changes made. Confirmed!
  18. 3D Drawing (Phase3) - Living Room No changes made. Confirmed!
  19. We haven gone to the details yet but I believe we have to pay in advance cos it's just 7% x total amt for items you buy..
  20. JB Furniture Shopping! Ok, to term it as JB furniture shopping is a little exaggerated, we only visited one shop actually.. Haha.. Recommended by a friend who got a good experience getting stuff from them.. In summary, our experience was, they were cheap, really cheap.. Most furniture in SG is imported from Malaysia or China in any case, cheaper to get from the source I guess? Quality wise, they feel ok, same as sofas we tested in SG.. But they are giving a 5 yr warranty for their high density foam in their sofas in addition to structure, unlike SG shops, who only gives warranty for structure.. Makes us feel alittle more confident in their products I suppose.. =) Delivery is free if you purchase RM5k and above.. Levy is waived as well.. You'll need to pay for GST (to SG customs) tho'.. However, even taking into account tt, we save quite abit.. Some pictures to share.. Sofa High Density Foam, Down feather cushions, Fabric can be changed.. We'll probably do without the armchair.. Cos it's too long.. 3 seater + Sqaure Ottoman + 2 x Rectangular small ottoman + Cushions and Pillows = RM 3200 Dining Table Saw this dining table @ a shop in IFC -- SGD 1188 for 4 chairs.. This one? RM1240 with 4 chairs! Coffee Table Probably gettng the one on the top of the catalogue.. Glass - Clean and sleek and simple - RM699 Standing Lamp We know this is a replica of a famous designer standing lamp.. Looks pretty good! - RM 699 Day Bed We are probably not getting this cos it's a little too big for the entertainment room (cannot play kinect) But we love the design! (specifically the wife) so thought we'll post it as well.. Still need to look ard for another sofa for the entertainment room...