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  1. A sofa @ FC Homes caught the hubby's eye.. It was really comfy (down feathers) and had a very chic look! It's a Camerich sofa with a price tag that is a little over our initial budget.. How does it look? Any comments? (The picture's is a shorter version of the one we are thinking of getting..)
  2. 3D Drawing (Phase2) - Entertainment Room Color scheme changed (definitely made the wife much happier now).. TV wall mounted with feature wall and console suspended.. Door now at the right side.. We were toying with the idea of having a brighter color for our entertainment room.. Suggested it to our ID and he said he will do up another 3D in "blue" theme for us to compare with the current one...
  3. 3D Drawing (Phase2) - Master Bathroom ID changed from downlights to T5 lights so that it will be brighter.. No objections..
  4. 3D Drawing (Phase2) - Master Bedroom View 2 of 2 Half height cabinet now of correct length and in line with the full height wardrobe. Flooring at wardrobe area is now correct.. Wall paper design still not to our liking.. Will have to change again..
  5. 3D Drawing (Phase2) - Master Bedroom View 1 of 2 Laminated flooring used is white with woodgrain.. The one shown here is to illustrate the woodgrain but the end product will be all white.. Glass panel for half height cabinet now on the correct side and correct length..
  6. 3D Drawing (Phase2) - Kitchen View 2 of 2 Notice from Phase1, the reflection of the service yard door in the white panel? This one, however, doesn't have it... Cos the glossy whites have all been changed to matt white on the tic-tac door... Nevertheless, we still love this!! =)
  7. 3D Drawing (Phase2) - Kitchen View 1 of 2 Sink and Hood swapped place.. Glossy whites on the bottom cabinets all changed to Matt white.. Chimney hood looks **** "orr biang" CONFIRM not the type we will be buying!! Red too much.. 2nd red from the bottom left cabinet will be changed to white...
  8. 3D Drawing (Phase2) - Dining Room Hanging lights changed to what the wife likes.. Glass door for kitchen entrance with sandblast design not able to super impose into the 3D as the picture we provided was not of high resolution.. Stay tune for the real thing then!!
  9. 3D Drawing (Phase2) - Living Room Browns are all gone (Wife is very happy!) Display cabinet changed to full height shoe cabinet in black tempered glass.. Settee looks more chic with random alternate colours..
  10. Hi reglxt, nice unit u got urself! we always drive my kallang and i always tell my wife that project is very nice... until i see ur t-blog then i know its called RV.. =) btw if u dun mind, can u share with me the pricings of ur 3M films? thx
  11. Thanks May_dream1!! =) just get ur ID to keep changing until ur desired design!! =P anyway they are supposed to do that.. hehe
  12. hi everyone.. we were looking around for sofa and a Camrich fabric sofa in FC really caught our eye.. from what i read so far, theres quite a lot of complains about their leather products but it seems like almost no one is commenting on their fabric sofa.. did anyone here bought their fabric sofa and care to share on the quality?? Thanks!
  13. yea lor.. in fact, there's one of the ID we went to initially who 理直气壮 told us right at the beginning this: "We will give u the 3D drawings 1st, unlike all other IDs cos u are spending so much $$. How can anyone expect u to sign without seeing the 3Ds!" But in the end.. when we met u up when the 3D is supposedly ready.. he showed us only 1 piece (we naively thought that we could see all 3Ds somemore and were a bit disappointed). yea.. i guess its the lightings and materials effect they put in the drawing?? in any case, will take actual measurements before we confirm anything.. still can change.. nvm... =)
  14. normally ID will only draw 3D for u after u signed with them.. but theres some who will draw for u 1st.. if u see liao and u sign, they wun charge u for the 3D drawings.. but if u see liao dun wan to sign, they will charge u for the 3Ds... duno if kenlim got the latter...
  15. forgot to mention.. of cos if u make drastic changes, ur quote will change also... but small changes here and there usually depends on ur bargaining skill...
  16. not to worry.. like i said earlier, these are all drawn according to our floorplan measurements.. and in any case, we already know our new flat is puny.. when we get our keys, will then go and take the actual measurements again.. and regarding the changes, in legal terms, yes u've signed urself whatever is stated in there lor.. but in reality, during ur initial discussions with ur ID, u will have to bring up this topic.. will they allow u to change ur designs after that... usually, they will allow u to change until before the carpentry works start... once they start fabricating ur carpentry u wun be allowed to change anymore...
  17. EuropAce 16" Figure 8 Stand Fan (ESF 1679) We love the looks of this fan and the oscillation can do up, down, left, right.. Initially saw this at EuropAce warehouse sales selling for $99 but we din get it... then last weekend, we got this at Harvey Norman warehouse sales for $89 each.. =)
  18. yea.. the wife especially dun like brown.. when we met our ID, she just kept emphazing no brown no brown no brown... haha anyway i myself dun really like brown too but if it blends in well i still can accept a bit lah.. eh.. need meh? i tot the pic small enough can see all? give and take lor.. like our MBR we not putting TV mah.. basically we will put all except no coffee table.. from the looks for it and the measurements taken, it seems fine... cos the 3D is specific to our room measurements mah..
  19. 3D Drawing (Phase1) - Entertainment Room Color not really to our liking hence, will be revised.. TV will be wall mounted, with feature wall and console will be suspended... Door with wrong orientation (check out our floorplan if u really need to know what i mean)
  20. 3D Drawing (Phase1) - Master Bedroom View 1 of 2 Laminated flooring used will not be brown.. Glass panel for half height cabinet on wrong side.. Half height cabinet of wrong length (check out the next pic to see what i mean).. 3D Drawing (Phase1) - Master Bedroom View 2 of 2 Half height cabinet should be longer, in line with the full height wardrobe.. Wall paper design not to our liking.. Flooring at wardrobe area is the original parquet, not white tilings.. Platform using laminated flooring, color will be changed.. 3D Drawing (Phase1) - Master Bathroom Quite general and classy.. nothing much to change here too..
  21. 3D Drawing (Phase1) - Kitchen View 1 of 2 Lovely! Sink and Hob to swap location and Hood to be changed to Chimney type.. 3D Drawing (Phase1) - Kitchen View 2 of 2 Love this design!! and color theme!! Nothing to change here...
  22. 3D Drawing (Phase1) - Dining Hall More or less confirmed.. Glass door for kitchen entrance will be sandblast design
  23. 3D Drawing (Phase1) - Living Room Generally love the design but the "browns" in the drawing not to our liking (Wife, to be specific.. haha) Display cabinet should be full height shoe cabinet.. So, stay tuned for color change!!