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  1. 3weeks wait is finally going to be up... we are meeting our ID to see our 3D this weekend! Sooo cun wait.....
  2. We did hear some stuff about it as well and the servicing requires a special type of gas but we have also heard good reviews on it.. So it very much depends on individuals if they are willing to see past the cons of it I guess..
  3. Mitsubishi Starmex Inverter System 4 Aircon We actually intended to get our System 4 from our ID's supplier.. But what All Best offered us @ the Suntec Electronics & Furniture Fair was really too good to miss.. (I believe they offer the same deal @ their IMM branch as well) For $3650, we have the following... - 3 x MSY-GE10VA (10k BTU), 1 x MSY-GE26VA (26k BTU - This is a free upgrade from 18k BTU) - Armaflex Insulation - Unlimited piping - 2 trips for installation We also extended our warranty which means for 5 years, all costs are covered and the workmanship warranty is for 8 years..
  4. Philips SilentStar Vacuum Cleaner (Energycare) [FC9302] So, what got us so hooked on getting this VC? Cos it has a cool 400 for suction power and it uses only 1250 W.. Very energy saving we would say.. =) In addition, it comes with a silent nozzle.. (We've tried it @ home and the crazy noise our current vacuum makes is de-amplified by about 10 times!) The husband is truly impressed with this vacuum cleaner.. And.. We got it @ a great deal @ the CNY fair in NTUC Xtra (Nex).. $120 cheaper than the selling price @ Courts, Harvey and Best (which are selling it @ $399) And to make it a sweeter deal, we got a $20 CapitaVoucher from their spin-the-wheel event.. Not much, but better than nothing! Offer lasts till 12th Jan if anyone is interested..
  5. Azur Steam iron [GC4620] We know nuts about irons (wife included)! But we know that the heavier the iron, the easier time the wife will have ironing.. So we decided on this after checking out a few @ Courts.. This was also recommended by the staff there.. Sandwich Maker [HD2383] The husband loves ham and melted cheese from the sandwich maker.. A replacement for movie popcorn perhaps? =P Rice Cooker [HD4746] Again, clueless about rice cookers.. It's one of the nicest on the website.. =P We were really disappointed to find that the vacuum cleaner we wanted to get was out of stock though.. It was priced at a cool $160 off the retail price.. But it was out! However... we managed to get it still in the end (not at Philips showroom though).. Check out the next post for more info.. =)
  6. Philips Appliances / Electronics Just a week ago, the husband, through the help of his business counterpart managed to get an opportunity to purchase Philips products @ their showroom for 40% staff discount.. So, being the very kiasu us, we listed out the appliances that we wanted to purchase and the husband headed to the showroom to grab them.. Below are the products we bought! Clock Radio [AJ3138/12] We love the cutsey design so we got 2, one for the husband, one for the wife.. It comes with both blue and pink for each clock.. The wife will definitely be using pink, which is her favourite colour! DVD Micro Theater [MCD107/98] For the entertainment room.. For movies! Need we say more? =) Aluminium Collection Blender [hr2094/00] It blends ice too! Time for some movie smoothies... *winks*
  7. we were considering between Mitsubishi Starmex and Heavy Industries aircon and were doing our aircon shopping today and we found out something that might be a piece of useful information for everyone considering between these 2 as well.. Mitsubishi Starmex vs Heavy Industries aircon we found out that actually Mitsubishi themselves do not bring in their heavy industries aircon to Singapore market but instead, these heavy industries aircon is brought in by a dealer "Wo Kee Hong".. meaning to say, for heavy industries aircon if u require repair, etc and need their spare parts, Wo Kee Hong is the one to go to as Mitsubishi themselves will not have the spare parts.. another thing to consider... Wo Kee Hong only have 1 shop in Singapore. We duno how established they are.. but in the event that they close down, u will have no one to look for, for heavy industries spare parts... in any case, this is just food for thought.. if u are considering heavy industries aircon, u might wanna research on this area before u confirm ur purchase..
  8. actually the new flats nowadays have really small kitchens.. henceforth, the positioning of the stove/sink is really std and if that facing is not the ideal direction and one is too into this, wun they have a lot of headache to create a different dimensions?
  9. DiZy tips of the day Opennet We talked to our ID about opennet and he told us we can arrange for opennet to be installed earlier i.e. once we collect our keys so that after that when we fix our false ceiling/L-box it will be concealed. So, we emailed in and enquired about opennet and heres their reply: in layman terms, it simply means opennet is carried out in 2 phases, 1st - they lay the fibre optic in ur estate then, they lay it to ur hse... Unfortunately for us, the fibre optic is not laid at our estate yet so we cun arrange for them to lay to our house early... but this might be useful to others out there, like u!
  10. Haha sorry if we misled you.. The pic is mainly to show the mattress we bought.. The other items do not belong to us.. =) And yea this mattress is truly very comfy!
  11. we also got our unit from those balance flats.. so although the project started in 2007, we got our unit in 2008 and waited 1 yr less.. but still its a grusome 2yr+ wait... haha anyway, its great to hear u love ur own place!! =)
  12. Hi Jacq.. u are referring to us or ml08576?? haha.. oo 410B.. seems like the last blk to receive keys... but yea!! start looking ard already... cos time will zoom past before u even know it!! haha hope u find ur ideal ID/Contractor and have a smooth reno!! Hi froggy... even u din get to select CS, end up ur FV got keys earlier somemore!! thats something for rejoice!! =)
  13. Thanks Yuqin... hope u have a smooth one urself too! =) Hi kenlim, check ur pm ba.. hello!! u are from which blk? tried that at the shop... its definitely stretched but its still alright.. if u dun like ur actor/actresses to become "fatter" u can chose to view in the normal mode (then the sides got the 'black bars') but our main purpose of this TV is for the entertainment room which is mainly for gaming and movies so its fine!
  14. Our Quotation Plumber Works 1. Supply Labour to install central heater at common bathroom 2. Supply Labour to connect kitchen sink's tap & washing tap Ceiling Works 3. To supply and install light holder at MBR (3ft depth) 4. To supply and install false ceiling cum light holder at dining and passage way area 5. To supply and install false ceiling cum light holder at entertainment room (3ft depth) Masonary Works 6. To supply and construct frigde base, cabinet base and washing machine base Carpentry Works Living and Dining area 7. To fabricate and install suspended TV console base on 8ft L using solid ply finish with laminated material c/w player compartment 8. To fabricate and install TV wall feature base on 6ft L X 5ft H using solid ply finish with laminated material c/w design 9. To fabricate and install full height 2ft L shoe cabinet using solid ply finish with laminated material 10. To fabricate and install a 2ft L low settee c/w cushion using solid ply finish with laminated material 11. To fabricate and install a wall mirror 8ft L X 8ft H at dining area Entertainment room 12. To fabricate and install wall mounted TV console base on 7ft L using laminated material 13. To fabricate and install a study table cabinet base on 4ft L using solid ply finish with laminated material including a tall unit c/w shelves 14. Wall mounted shelves at recess area MBR 15. To fabricate and install 7ft L wardrobe using solid ply finish with laminated material (top hung track) 16. To fabricate and install 7ft L low cabinet with storage using laminated material 17. To supply and install glass partition above low cabinet area 18. To supply and install a raised platform 8" H using laminated flooring base on 75sqft 19. Wall mounted shelves at recess area MBR Bathroom area 20. To fabricate and install suspended vanity cabinet c/w wall mirror and light pelmet base on 5ft L Kitchen area 21. To fabricate and install top and bottom kitchen cabinet base on 24ft L using solid ply finish with laminated material c/w cutlery trays and drawers (anti-slam system) 22. To fabricate and install a tall unit base on 1.5ft L next to fridge area 23. To fabricate and install a swing tic tac door c/w partition to cover HHS entrance 24. To supply and install solid surface table top base on 12ft L c/w front profile, backsplash and glass backing 25. To fabricate and install frameless sliding door at kitchen entrance c/w clear glass panel base on 3ft X 7ft Miscellaneous Works 26. To supply and paint for whole house using ICI or Nippon paint (include pipes and doors) 27. To clear away debris for whole house 28. To supply general cleaning for whole house and chemical cleaning 29. To supply and install sliding window at yard area and 1 extra panel on side (white powder coated and green glass) 30. To supply and install 10mm tempered glass shower screen at master bathroom area (1 fixed and 1 swing) 31. To supply and lay cupboard sheets for living/dining and 3 bedroom area
  15. Yes! Lolx.. Are u / ur wife from July BTB thread too?
  16. Sealy Mayfair (King Size) The wife fell in love with this mattress the moment she lay on it.. Of cos, there were more comfortable ones but at a price that was way over our head.. The plushy pillow top feels really comfy.. Can't wait to start sleeping on it! =) Sealy_Mayfair by dizy.weds, on Flickr
  17. Onkyo 5.1 Entertainment System [HT-S3300B] With sucha "cinema" TV, we decided to get an entertainment system as well.. However, we kinda know nuts in this subject so after reading some reviews and listening to the live demonstration @ the store, we decided to get this 5.1 system from Onkyo.. Being a small room and all, I think anything above 5.1 might be too much? But then again, we are not experts in this.. This is more than enough for us to enjoy our movies and games.. =) HT-S3300B by dizy.weds, on Flickr
  18. Philips Cinema 21:9 Full HD 56" LCD TV [56PFL9954H] The first item we purchased for our new house! Kinda like the opening ceremony for our pockets to start bleeding.. Lolx.. Both of us are crazy about watching movies and this TV just blew us away when we first saw it.. The hubby loves playing games as well so this TV is absolutely perfect! It might be a tad too big for our not-so-big entertainment room, but it's really still ok, because it's actually pretty short in height (a little higher than a 42" TV) and it's just very, very wide.. Kinda hard to describe, pictures below.. =) cinema_21-9_01_lifestyle-shot-hanging-night_i1MNy_48 by dizy.weds, on Flickr 114191 by dizy.weds, on Flickr I did a screen shot of a video presentation by Philips on the Cinema TV.. The one in the middle is a 42" Philips TV and on both sides, the Cinema TV.. Philips Vs 42 by dizy.weds, on Flickr We so love our TV! I can imagine us stuck in the entertainment room day in day out! Haha..
  19. Below is the rough flat (which we drew up very amateurishly) layout after discussion with our ID.. There isn't really much to play with for layout since space is pretty limited. Please feel free to comment/feedback on our current layout.. =) Floor Plan_Edit by dizy.weds, on Flickr Ceiling works will be done in the living room, MBR and Entertainment Room (Bedroom 3)
  20. Ooo Julie! I was trying to figure out who which nickname was.. Heh Heh.. U shld start with ur ID earlier cos it takes about a mth or so to finalize your design.. Not to mention even before you sign with an ID, u gotta speak to a few and wait for their quotes.. I think starting earlier abit wouldn't be too bad.. =D By the time you get your keys, you can start immediately and move in quickly too!
  21. Hi neighbour.. =) Cool! Hehe.. I think this layout is good.. Not much odd shapes and big kitchen entrance! Are u from 410B? Don't worry! It'll br here vv soon! =)
  22. Hehe.. Thank you neighbour... Happr Reno-ing to all of us @ CS! =)
  23. MBR - Smaller than we imagined MBR Window View - Unblocked and pretty windy! *like* Weird concave area in Common Room 1 - Getting ID to propose ideas to flush that wall up.. View of Kitchen Entrance from Outside Bedroom Entrances View from Living Room - Unlike the 3 rooms, the view here is blocked and not windy at all
  24. Sneak(y) Peek After seeing a number of future neighbours post about their adventures of going into our block and getting sneak previews of their units, we decided to do the same over the weekend.. We met a very nice worker who brought us up to our unit to have a look.. Along the way he kept saying he would be dead if he got caught by his supervisor.. Here are the photos we managed to quicky snap (sorry for the not-so-sharp images as we couldn't turn on the flash and we were trying to quickly see and get out before we get Mr Kind into any sort of trouble..) Living Room - Pretty happy with the size, square shaped so it would be easier to design as well.. =) Kitchen Entrance - Wide Entrance, planning to put the fridge next to HHS and have a door covering HHS.. Kitchen - This is where our top/bottom cabinets will be fixed.. Common Bathroom - Not gonna do anything to this... Service Yard Entrance - Didn't dare to walk out in case someone else saw us..