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  1. Steinberg GmbH Luxury Series 120 - Single Lever Basin Mixer L-Size without waste set chrome. High quality mixer with highly polished mirror finish. Tall and with a long spout; and well suited for mounting on table top with enough clearance for basin. Bought $650+ from Bathworld, selling as bought another Steinberg basin mount design to match the new basin. Condition : Used but in Excellent condition, mirror finish as u can see from picture. Only clean with micro fiber cloth. price : $199 If interested, pls Watsapp at 97..31..435..6 Thank you Measurements Height (mm) 315 Projection (mm) 120 Characteristics Connection type high pressure Connection connection thread G⅜" Handle(s) vertical handle position for comfortable handling Mounting deck-mounted Tap holes for 1 tap hole Waste set without waste set Spout fixed Cartridge with ceramic cartridge https://www.xtwostore.com/steinberg-series-120-single-lever-basin-mixer-l-size-120-1700.html
  2. Hi, Any one bought and tried the above speakers? Looks quite cool with the led tv Tks, Sun
  3. It is a good deal....mind sharing if it is from Yale directly or some shops? Tks
  4. Have been using Rowenta table top model for past 10 years, get the job done everytime with no problems but I don't bake tho, mainly grill. I bought it for ard 380 then, not sure abt price now. Muz say it is affordable and good.
  5. Attribution to luck is only an avenue when I cannot find a is logical explanation. First of all, I don't think anyone will deliberately put a lot of coins into a $4000 washer. For normal usage, missing one or two coins here an there is not a likely case? As to ur reply that front loaders cannot handle ANY coins at all, i cannot agree fully as i don't have problems with other brands for the past 30 years ......Then i must be a very lucky person with 2x electrolux and a Brandt, ave of 8 to 12 years. My mem is not the best, can't recall for all 3 but I remembered the last electrolux had a whole bunch of coins numbered around 50-60 when i disposed of it after 8 yrs, from 1c to $1 and diff currencies, average of 6 to 7 coins per year and similarly 6 coins r also found in miele. On the average the number of coins other washer handle on an annual basis is abt the same, ie equal playing field. Next we check on timeline. Asking around my colleagues and close friends, total of 270+ years of using front loaders with humble brands don't have this prob with coins. I am the only one having this prob and using miele for just 1yr with ard 108 washes. Everyone is lucky over a total period of 270+ years, how likely will that be? The conclusion I can draw is that miele cannot handle coins as well as other brands - I don't agree that all front loaders cannot handle ANY coins at all but should b good enough for the occasional ones that we missed. The other things r bat the same and unique differentiators will b the honey comb design and price - as a wealth statement.
  6. Hi everyone, New to this forum, like to ask If anyone has installed intelligent lighting system for the whole house, anything to be aware of of and any contractor to recommend? Tks!
  7. Hi, I am a Miele user myself. Not speaking from pure theory but real life experience which I want to share with everyone. Let ur own mind decide for u if it is worth to throw in that 4k. Product : June this year, my miele washer (active care package) honeycomb drum got a big dent inwards when washing my bed sheets. Apparently, mile claimed that it was due to a $1 coin lodge into e outer drum and inner drum. Frequency wise, I do my washing 2 times a week and this problem happened b/w 53 and 54 week. Problem arises after a total of 108 washes only!!!....actually lesser as my wife and meyself were away on holidays for about 1.5 mths.. Nice part is that the head of customer svc told me that we need to remove all coins for mile machines. She is kinda proud to say that her maid does that for her for every wash. I don't have a full-time maid but a part time domestic helper rather, maybe it's in the fine prints I need to buy a maid as well to use miele pardon the pun.... Anyway, I have been doing my own washing for the past 30 years so not new to front loaders. When it comes to washing, I believe most of us will try to remove coins but sometimes we will miss out one or two. For my case, a total of 6 coins are found in the filter for my case for 108 washes. To me, it's abt the best I can do, maybe u guys can do better. My personal conclusion, Miele washer cannot handle coins well, pls ensure all coins are removed before using. No problems for my previous washers with more humble price tag. Repair costs set me back at 500 after they said they will waive off the labour. On the brights side, Honeycomb and washing program is pretty good I must say for washing normal wear. Anyway, all our expensive clothing r sent for dry washing. Service Quality : When I first call the customer svc line, the customer svc mgr told me that within the same mth, they can still cover under warranty. I was happy at first. When the svc tech came to my house, he reported the damage back via phone, next came the story of, 'eh the warranty doesn't cover user fault'. During this time, I heard him talking in hokkien and apparently who ever over the other end seems to have concern over the costs of replacement. This gives me the impression that they r trying to shift the costs to the customer. Next came the customer svc pole calling me to say that oh, that is due to user fault so can't cover. The story is pretty inconsistent when i asked further questions. Next, the head of customer svc called me and mentioned the above, at the end of the call, I am more pissed than before. They then send me their engineer to talk to me, this chap is quite nice but at the end of the day, I am only 1/2 convinced that it is due to the $1 coin. Anyway, not to waste my own time over these calls, I just go ahead to authorized the repair. My personal conclusion, when u buy a merc, I expect the product and customer svc to behave like one C&C has not asked me to pay for some faults during warranty all these years. True, electronics and mechnical parts failed at times, but the customer svc experience with miele leaves much to be desired. On the bright side, they arranged a loan washer to tie over this period. This I must give credit for. After this repair, if it breaks down again due to whatever reasons, the miele is gonna be out of the house. Okie, hope this experience sharing is good for those seeking opinions. Draw your own conclusions and decide if u want to put down that hard earned $4000+. Good luck