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  1. hi terence i will pm u my id contact seperately, he is the boss of the firm so more busy and hard to meet up for appt. but i feel its better with him, my quotation is missing but i did a comparision with several other common firms and find him quite acceptable.
  2. if u need more details u can contact opennet and ask them to send u a copy of the instructions.
  3. ya, next year mid than probably will install Opennet. But if u do mind all the casing running from ur main door to the tv or internet access area than u must prep in advance 1st, ask ur id to get the electrician to route a empty casing or pipe from the main door area to the tv area first before the false ceiling is done up. leave a loose end string inside for pulling the wire in future.
  4. my id say is $250 but he foc for me. if no hacking shouldnt have a haulage fee, not veyr sure u better confirm with ur contractor or id on this part
  5. hey welcome to segar, i went thru a few IDs and finally chosen the boss of plush to do up my unit. Its slightly more ex than contractors but at least its jus a point of contact and most importantly he mus deliver his promise and be trustworthy. Some of the glass and mirror works i sub out to the mirror company to do, cheaper that way. And he agreed also.
  6. haha still in the box havent open yet, but the wind sure lose out to those blade type. but design and safety sure win hands down.
  7. around 1.4k or 1.3k for normal discount. Its cultured marble.
  8. oh if that really happen u may program more than 1 finger and up to 20 diff finger prints as well as the pin no. but so far nothing like that happen to me.
  9. Hi, it's cool and after a few times u are used to it u can sense ur print slowly n steadily. Tat depend on ur budget if no budget constraint than 4109 will great.
  10. he doesnt have any web, he have 2 types of shelves, 1 is like mine and the other is the common one
  11. its 1399 for the washer cum dryer from samsung, free 1x 22"led samsung tv which i traded back for $200, than call in to ask for further deduction of $200 due to other lower price found elsewhere at that time, so i paid ard 1000 for the washer/dryer
  12. 900 plus gst for the 2 wall. sometimes promo only 900 nett.
  13. thanks, the wall paper got from imm (de next page) previously called Montella same boss. Curtains i got from MIKI curtains, Malaysia.