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  1. Hi can i have a quote for the following? Mitsubishi StarMex system - 4 12+10+10+24 - 28VA 12+10+10+24 - 38VA 2 visits installation 1/2 amaflex etc...
  2. Hi all, Did anyone ordered and use such led strips locally before? It's mentioned that only need a special cable to drive the led strip. http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=19116474941http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=19461291820
  3. That's the bad side... On the good side, It's strong enough to cool 3 bed rooms plus living room all at the same time. Not many system 4 can do this.
  4. i'm also using a MHI System-4 and rattling galore! sucks man.....no more MHI for me in the future... i hope the panasonic will not rattle as bad as the MHI, knn the service man has to insert a rubber stopper at the back to stop some of the rattling.... out of 4 units , 3 rattle...and the last one i'm not quite sure since it's seldom on...pui panasonic system 1 installed by allbest, the installation wise was quite ok everything sealed and done up nicely......so far so good, cheap and good...lol
  5. It's the 4 ticks one... Mine as stated on the invoice As follows... Panasonic system 1 inverter cus9mk/css9mk - $850 standard 1 yr warranty, amaflex class 1, copper pipe $50 service voucher. Bracket - $120 Anyway their servicing are overpriced , so gonna get outside servicing,,,, But the pricing for the Aircon is good, creation Aircon just opposite them at the show quoted me $1120 for the same system.
  6. just booked a panasonic inverter system 1 from expo show at $850.00 (silver model) + Bracket $120 from allbest next week installation!