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  1. I have heard people going for cheap brands. The good thing is it is cheap, the bad thing is the thing might not work immediately and requires few visits to fix it up. Cheap package usually will have their products made in China and you know the quality of such products. Just need to monitor the lifespan of the products when you install them. Reputable company is that they wont close down and service standard is there. Products tends to be of better quality. Try to do some reading up on security products like http://homesecuritysystemscentre.com/ etc. Technology has evolved along the time for security system.
  2. I guess prices can really varies alot due to lack of knowledge. Typically we are not knowledge in construction methods and prices unlikely shopping for LV and Prada. Thanks for your advice! Cheers!
  3. Hi pantieileen, Sorry to say that your place looks like more than 30 years old design. U are doing conservation works:P? What will be the estimated cost to do up your place? What are the works done?