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  1. THanks! hey, how do i pin my post?
  2. After following this forum for a long time, getting creative ideas and cheap lobang, i decided to start off with my T-Blog. As this is my first few post, please bear with me After a 3 yrs + long wait, the flat is finally gonna be here soon! 30th Dec 2010! while so many people have already moved into the estate, we are the last block left. We have started the search for ID some where in OCT, met the good ones, the bad ones, the cut throat ones and finally shorlisted 2 ID firms. Finally, we have decided to go with one of them. However, renovation can only take place after CNY, so we just got to wait. Here are some pictures(courtesy from neighbour) and floor plan. Stay tune, more to come Floor Plan Walk way to rooms Living Room Kitchen Toilet ("Nice" tiles right)
  3. Hi All, What do you guys think of corner basin or have any one installed corner basin before?