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  1. Hi all I had recommended my friend who purchased a EM too in Yishun and I think she got a quote of about 65k to renovate 3 bathrooms, kitchen, wardrobes, rewiring, painting and polishing of marble and parquet and an auto shuttle at balcony I used this contractor too..For workmanship, you can view my T-blog http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=37088&st=0
  2. Hihi... can PM me your contractor's detail??
  3. Janelle

    Cheap Carpet

    hello23: Hi, its me who purchased it. I bought 140 x 200cm. Its easy to maintain , just use vacume cleaner and once in a while wipe with damp cloth Bunnymummy:Hi, tried to pull a portion of it and nothing came out
  4. Janelle

    Cheap Carpet

    Hihi, its http://luxebd.blogspot.com/
  5. Janelle

    Cheap Carpet

    Received delivery for carpet from Luxe yesterday, I ordered this color early May. quality is superb and soft to touch, my family love it Its really a steal at $159 for 140*200CM
  6. Hi Tangerinez, My flat is 65 Sqm, just posted more pics. Sure pm you nw=) Hi May_dream1, You mean the full tall basin right? Its from moonzent in changi for $580 Hi macabre_g, pm you the contact now=)
  7. Hi El LoCo, Thanks! The website is www.absolookid.com.sg Pm you the contact now=)
  8. Thanks! Had PM-ed you, you can bargain with him ..hes quite a nice chap
  9. Hihi, didnt get because it cost us 1k includes WC, conceal cistern and a designer faceplate flush button I am sourcing for a LED tv, anyone have good lobang?? Any good source for curtain??
  10. hmmmm... i think they can sell it to garang guni bah.... hahaha
  11. Hi all, Happy Lunar New Year!=) Was away for business trip and then busy with CNY, finally have time to post the updates.. Will post update again on Monday:)