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  1. Hi all, Having such a headache with this problem. Just got our flat which is just opposite block from my parents flat. However, my mum insists that we should give them a spare ste of our house keys. Which I feel is inappropriate. What do you guys think. Would you give your parents a set of spare keys? Please advise me. Thanks a lot. Regards, Troubled soul
  2. Hi, Just started my renovation recently. Went up to inspect one fine day and found that the contractors did not close the windows for the living room and kitchen. The thing is that they just did the tiling and cementing of the kitchen wll the day before and it rained very heavily at night. Will this affect the strength of the tiles? Will there be any problems? Is it normal that the contactors do not close the windows when leaving the house? TIA Robin
  3. Hi, I would like to ask is there any penalty if we have not change our address on IC after 28 days of moving in to our new flat? Can we just go police post to change? TIA. Regards, Robin