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  1. Hi, one question about solid surface vanity tops.. Must the surface always be flat? (not the edge profiles). Is it possible to make it such that it is slightly sloped so that any water splashes will flow into the sink instead of remaining on the surface? Any one has any experience with non-flat vanity tops?
  2. The only real solution to ants is using baits. You can try different baits. Perhaps the type of bait the pest control company uses is not effective for the species in your house. Some ants hunt for sugar, some hunt for protein. The pest control company you engaged is probably not competence. Try getting the terro PCO ant bait from NTUC or some supermarkets. many good reviews. Or you can make yourself using borax, sugar and/or peanut butter. Spraying just introduce more toxic chemicals into the house. Not recommended. Or you can try some organic homemake sprays using chilli oil, vinegar or something that is non-toxic to humans. Can try googling for recipes. How baits supposed to work is simple. It is a slow poison, so will take a few days to see the results. It is not supposed to kill the ants immediately, but to let them carry back to the nest so that the queen can feed on it. That's the only way to wipe out an entire colony w/o extensive damage to the property. It takes a while meaning, days. Definitely NOT a long time like weeks or months.. that is ridiculous. The numbers will get smaller and smaller as the colony is slowly wiped out.
  3. Does anyone know the adapter size required for hyflux f38 filter? Need to get a tap adpater (male-male) to attach the f38 to the tap with internal thread. The f38 comes with an adapter, but it is made of plastic and seems to have worn out and the attachment keeps leaking.. so I wonder if maybe getting a new adapter might solve the problem. Appreciate any advice on the thread size and where I can buy the adapter. if online shop would be great, or physical shop also can. Thank you.
  4. PM sent.. I emailed their company.. not sure if they will respond..
  5. Recently I bought a gas hob. Out of the box, the hob is defective. I requested for a 1-to-1 exchange but the sales person refused. Instead, a technician was sent to service the hob. After servicing, the hob is usable. However, I'm upset that a brand new item from such a "reputable brand" has to be "serviced" to be usable. Doesn't the company do any QC check? And the fact that the company refused to do a 1-to-1 exchange for a defective product "out of the box" certainty made me lost all confident in its products. We can understand that QC check may not be 100%, but the least the company can do in it's good name is to do a 1-to-1 exchange. And the poor attitude from the sales persons(slamming down the phone when I insisted an exchange instead of repair) further convinced me that the company cannot be trusted for good products and services. I would certainty not buy another product from that company again, and warn my friends against such a brand. Just wondering what is other's views of such sales ethics.. refusing 1-to-1 exchange for defective out-of-the-box products. There is some background information.. First of all, I ordered a set with Safety Valve, but they send a set w/o safety valve but with "SV" (for safety valve) printed on the box and on the product itself. Then, they send a replacement for the base instead of the whole set. And the replacement set has a burner that cannot sustain the fire (fire goes off when knob released). I asked for 1-to-1 exchange but they refuse and instead send a serviceman to repair it. So he did some adjustments, bend some fixtures, REPLACED A COMPONENT, APPLIED MASKING TAPE etc.. to get the hob to be usable.. So now I'm stuck with a repaired "brand new" Hob.. Given that the company could be so negligent to have left out a safety valve on a safety valve model, and with a burner that doesn't burn properly out of the box, I have serious doubts about the safety and reliability of the gas hob that is running on piped gas.. So much for a "reputable" local brand....... a regrettable decision..