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  1. Hi Jerome, May I have the quote for Samsung Washer WA90F5S5 & WA80F5S7? Inclusive of GST, delivery and disposal of old washer? What is the expected delivery? Thanks.
  2. Erm.. sorry guys. Didn't mean to stir up any argument in the forum. The pi xiu are not "kai guang".
  3. Dear members, I bought a pair of pi xiu recently and when i took out from the box, i knocked the pair against each other and the horn on "male" was broken (I managed to find the debris). On closer look, i noticed that the right ear was broken but the debris was nowhere to be found (the chipped portion is 2x more than the horn). I know it is not advisable to keep a broken Pi Xiu (is this considered broken?). I am unable to find the sample replacement as this is the last pair. How do i keep/ dispose if i intend to get a new pair? Thanks for the advice.
  4. Common Toilet: Dining Area:
  5. I like the Kitchen's floor tiles.. very retro feel
  6. The Kitchen (II): Not too sure if the green, black and woody combo is a good choice. But having a cement wall is definitely difficult to maintain compared to tiled wall.
  7. I got mine on friday and my unit is noisy and warm on the right side. I realized that this occur after the door is opened and the fridge is probably "working hard" to maintain the temperature inside. I will monitor a few more days..
  8. Nope, I didn't do that in the end. I know I gotta be responsible for the karma/ bad luck lor. I was advised to shift the door back slightly and tilt the wooden door too. Find it too much of a hassle and it creates "sharp corners" in the living room. Am worried that my neighbour might get the wrong impression and it might affect the sale should I consider selling it in future. Have been down with some injuries on/off even before move-in. Not sure if this is due to coincidence/ FS. My family members stuck 4D on the unit no., but not me leh.. Haha. I try to follow the FSM advice as much as possible. Was told I cannot sleep in the MBR
  9. Hi therat, which model did you buy?
  10. Everjoint lor. Got it today, much cheaper than GAB. GAB recommended 3 ticks model cos 4 ticks are less cooler, that's why more energy saving. Don't know how true. Btw, did u exposed back of the fridge? Not sure if it will attracts insects in the long term.
  11. I got the same @ $910 incl delivery but no free gift etc.
  12. Here's the grey tiles for the living room from Hafary. Didn't choose gloss cos i'm prone to slips and falls
  13. Plastering for whole house: