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  1. Hi, can any guru or hackers advice on how much it cost to hack a 134 SQM EA unit. Living room Dining room 4 x Bedrooms(Inclusive of wardrobes) Kitchen + service yard (Inclusive of cabinets) 2 x toilets
  2. Hi Guys, It's confusing from Maybank website on the effective interest and the flat rate, can anyone advice? If I take a 30k loan for 1 year, the interest should be $894? or $3063? http://info.maybank2u.com.sg/site_functions/rates_lending.aspx#renovation
  3. Hi all, sorry if this have been asked before. If let say I take a 30k loan from Maybank for a tenure of 2 years, how do I calculated the monthly payment? http://info.maybank2u.com.sg/site_functions/rates_lending.aspx#renovation
  4. Where can I find a good selection of table lamps in singapore?
  5. Hi I need help in repairing my main door, care to share his contacts?
  6. Hi, Not sure where this will fall under so I just post it under renovation works. Currently my main door have a huge gap between the small side door, people from outside can almost see what's happening inside the house. I need someone to help me mend the door, anyone have any recommendation who I should look for or where should I go for help? Thanks!! Wong
  7. Hi, just wanna check is it possible to change the skin of the cabinet? Will it be worth if possible?
  8. Hi, I recently purchase a flat and I need a carpenter and an aircon man to shift an existing aircon unit to another location, anyone have any recommendation for me? Thank you very much in advance. Mave