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  1. Grafunkt has a shop at Park Mall. There is lalang coat hanger there. The remaining items are from Ikea. Cheers!
  2. Still remember this post we did back then? We have now gotten our WIW and surprisingly, we didn't use any of the suppliers mentioned above. We visted OPSH and Closet Design. OPSH has very limited design and the pole doesn't look stable in their showroom. Quote was pretty compeitive (slightly cheaper than Closet Design) but remains at market rate. Closet design provides 5 years (i think is 5 yrs) warranty and they have alot of "gadgets" and variety of system to play with. But of course, there is a price to pay. For our space (2 sides), we have to pay around 4K for Closet Design. And really by chance, through a friend who used to worked in an ID firm, gotten this contact who used to work at Alumix but now came out to set up his own pole system company. We got quite a good price and satisfactory service! The company is called Sparico Sys Pte Ltd. They are relatively young company. Its a 4-5 years old company according to their sales person. Their contractor, Mr Tim, is nice and easy going. Not much airs and offered to carry our full height door all the way up to our unit!. Bcos full height door usually cannot be fitted into HDB lift, more established WIW manufacturers are reluctant to do full height door for HDB. One salesperson mention HDB no need to do full height door. Outright rejecting us. Overall, we are very satisfied with their service. And of course the price tag. Photos as follows...
  3. Gotten more things from IKEA: KNODD bin for the kitchen. This is a Love at First Sight. It looks like Cookie Monster Oscar the Grouch's hideout place! DOKUMENT bin for the Study. Love the clean look of it. HAMPEN rug for the WIW
  4. Over the weekend, we went to XZQT at Pandan Crescent. They were having clearance sale. We went down with one aim. To buy the MEMORABILIA coat hanger from their Calligaris series. We got it at $330 (display set). Retail price is $539. The price after discount was suppose to be $370. The sales person punch in the wrong numbers at the first time but we were glad that he gave us the first price though. How i wish they always punch in the wrong numbers. Haha We considered Grafunkt's LALANG coat stand but are not willing to fork out 800+ for a coat hanger so we thought the above one suits us the best.
  5. Line TV Console After being psycho by Dreaming, we eventually decided to put an order for the Grafunkt product. We bought this extravagant furniture with by telling ourselves that it is a good investment and we will be using for a long time. Finally the console came ytd and it was very heavy. I guess the whole piece was made out of solid oak wood, which in a way justified the hefty price tag The 3 big furniture are in (TV console, sofa and dining table), everything is falling into place.
  6. Terence2811, The sales guy who served us (twice) is Kalvn. This lounge chair was bought back in July during GSS so I guess thats where the extra discounts came from... Bigbag, We also waited more than 3 weeks before the contractor said ok to lay the laminate flooring. Not sure about whether the extra protection works but laminate flooring defintely is a high maintenance job. Can't touch water from below. Can't touch water from the top... Our flooring have been re-layed and we can only do the wait-and-see approach. Hopefully everything is fine from now on..
  7. As you know, we have the long sitting wood bench that comes with the dinning table. We have been looking around for suitable chairs to go with the other side of the table. And preferably stick to our resort theme. We thought the Wishbone chair is the best choice! We got it from LUSH at $352 each. There is an option to add on a leather cushion (additional cost) that would make it easier to clean. But we think this original version blend in better.
  8. Forgot about the price. Its 100+? You can visit the IKEA website. They have all the price and measurement stated. There is other sizes of bookshelf to fit into different space. Their website is quite helpful to start with.
  9. Study room The reason why we place the study table in the middle is to accomodate the hanging horizontal light. Considering the laptop wires that is going to be running around the floor, we might end up geting a desktop lamp and shift the table against the wall instead. We haven't really sorted out the system of the bookshelve. Probably do it when we got our books moved to the house. All the furniture in pic are from IKEA except the 2 chairs (which we have mentioned previously). BILLY Bookcase GALANT desk combination MICKE movable drawer
  10. We got it at 300+ or 400+? Can't remember. Its light-weight. Jackson have a lot of samples. Not sure about curtains. You can ask give him a ring to check.
  11. Yaolong, I'm not sure. You can call him for a quote. Hes quite easy to talk to. I believe his price is cheaper in the market cos he came from Malaysia and doesn't have a shop in SG.
  12. Hi ymjp, Your crib is still very popular. I just stumbled upon ur blog and looking forward to your story on balcony grass patch and images of your kitchen ya. Cheers!
  13. Taj-Down! Ladies and Gentlemen, announcing the arrival of Taj sofa at A&M Love Nest. After more than 4 months setting our interests on it, the sofa is finally in our living room. We made our payment during GSS (July) and were told we can choose different fabrics for couch and cushions. However during our second trip to choose the fabric (which was 1.5 months later), we were told that only one choice of fabric was allowed. This was to our dismay as a monotone combi makes the whole ensemble rather dull. So decided to fight for our rights . It was only after much haggling with the sales at Park Mall and with manager at their flagship store (via phone) we were given choice of different fabric for couch and cushions. Flax was for the main couch and Castor cushions. All in all, the effect and its size are appropriate and blended nicely into our living room. With the photo taken during the day, the tone of walnut isn't very obvious.
  14. Blinds up! Thanks to Joyous who passed on Jackson's contact to us. Hes a nice chap and most importantly, the price is good! Cost: $750 Contact: Jackson HP: 9180 5195
  15. A Good Sucker Works Quietly I'm not talking about my colleagues, but the vacuum cleaner which we bought ytd at HN. Upon purchase, we tested out its power. Found that at maximum power, I had difficulty moving the head. i.e. it's very powerful!
  16. Depressing news aside... We sort of went shopping on Sunday at Tanglin Mall with no intention of buying stuff. Until WTB and I went inside iwannagohome shop. Below are the loot from 15mins of "window shopping" Salt and sugar/pepper/soy sauce bowls Cutting board and tray for our wine glass. The height of wine chiller is up to bottom of first drawer, WTB wanted the tray to be place on top of our wine chiller to hide the ugly gas pipe beneath.
  17. Nope the bedframe was already glued onto the wall. What happens to those laminates underneath the bed? Your guess is as good as mine.
  18. I suspect they reuse those intact laminates and brought in some new ones.
  19. Hi all We wana make a note on our "wonderful experience" on laminate flooring. Just last week, we noticed there is an area of the floor where it "popped" / sink / soften, you know what i mean. So we called the contractor and the guys (which is from power dekor I presume) to come see whats wrong. They ended up ripping off all our flooring, explaining that the cement screed underneath is NOT TOTALLY DRY. The moist have risen and soften the wood. Its not just the affected area that they removed, they took off (almost) everything, saying the moist could be coming from other parts of the floor as well. However, they left the bedframe area out (too much hassle i guess). I dont' know whether it makes sense but being the laminate expert, shouldn't you know when the cement screed is dry or not?? Where is your judgement?? It could be the contractor's fault rushing the laminate guys due to time constraint or it could be the laminate guys simply can't be bothered? Whoever fault it is. We blame ourselve for choosing laminate wood as flooring! By the way, the cement screed is not done by our contractor. Its done by the designated contractor from HDB because we are entitled free cement screed (to a certain amount). So exactly who is to blame, we really don't wana know. Just get it all FIXED!!
  20. Samsara, We don't see the need to conceal the basin pipings cos the toilet is already very small. thejabbox, Supply & install tempered glass door at kitchen entrance (1 no fix panel & 1 no sliding panel) - $1200
  21. Sorry I realized I was using my WTB account AGAIN. Finally logged out. I forgot to mention Lush-lush gave us a choice of wood and leather. As shown in many interior design magazines, the most popular one is the black leather/walnut version. We reckon the above combi won't fit our theme, so we chose white leather(gasp!) with white oak! Of course, the white leather will unlikely to keep its shine for long, especially the ottoman. Let's hope this lounge chair will age gracefully....
  22. Hi Striking, Thanks for the keen interest. These few weeks we are in the midst of receiving our furniture. It might take a while before we post the complete pictures. Keep a look out
  23. Lamaray, One thing is that our table and bench was purchased during the GSS period, perhaps that why the price difference. Overall we are satisfied with the product, WTB finds the oak too dirty i.e. there are some dark stains around. Upon returning to cellini shop (not to complain ), found their show piece also slightly stained. So it's ok for me. Another thing is the table n bench are assembled at my house. They glued (max bond) the quartz top to the wood. I'm not sure whether still can move to another house in the future.