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  1. My friend who just did the Reno for his 4a similar toilet size was just quoted at 2k plus unfortunately his contractor can do for me cuz he said yr end a lot if job gotta wait till after cny.. But I can't wait as I sold my place already
  2. No it does not include toilet accessories, bowl wash basin, heater, electrical work.
  3. Oh I know which block.. Mayb I might have went for the viewing b4 is it at low floor? I current stay at the block next to that em hee
  4. Hi I also bot an em at khatib which block is ur?
  5. Oh my fsm is Jason Liew not Chang. I'm still waiting for the report but he did pointed out something abt my kids which I think was very true.
  6. Anyone used jason Chang b4? I engaged him to do my house fs. Seem ok, price reasonable but report takes awhile. I haven see my report yet as he came over for audit last weekend will meet him again end of the mth den I update more abt him.
  7. Anyone can share with me a gd and not so ex contractor? So far I gotten the quote for my 3 toilets all above 12k just toilet alone with 2 or them have toilet cabinet and shower screen.. I'm desperate for a gd and cheap contractor
  8. Condition of house quite with the slim budget we r only doing 3 toilets plus whole house piping, n remove some build in cabinets. Touch up and painting. Hoping to do all within 15k
  9. Pay 63k for the em at khatib walking distance to mrt
  10. Anyone can share their quote on em with me? Now I'm getting quote and my budget is superb miserable after paying for high cov..spl1t21@hotmail.com
  11. The fsm charge me $488 for house audit (7 members in my house).. Find his price very reasonable, my hubby don't really wanna engage a fsm but I prefer to have one to 买个安心 since my current 4rm have seem before the our luck was smooth
  12. Btw any owner here engage fengshui for their em? I'm currently waiting for my fsm to come back with his audit report.. So far during the last house visit he only mention I need to install a ceiling fan at the ceiling above the staircase..
  13. Seriously there's nothing much u can do since u already doing Reno. Can u still bargin for some discount since the owner lie to u? Or consult a lawyer see if can get any compensation for this?
  14. Btw any owner had done a storage or hidden room at the balcony? I ever see an owner of a 2nd gen em build an addition platform at the balcony.. I only see from outside as that unit is at the ground floor
  15. Ic my hubby don't wanna get out of khatib so no choice for me.. I notice that nearer to yishun mrt price of em is more attractive.. And so limited em on sale at yishun