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  1. Hi Jane, I was in a similar situation as you when we just bought our single storey terrace. Some people said I should engage an architect and some said otherwise. I was very thankful when leechaorui shared with me his valuable input between the pros and cons of the options available. I finally decided on hiring an architect where he will handle the space planning, designing, submission, project management, tender for quotes, etc. My architect brought us to view some of his completed and under construction projects by various builders he has work with so that we can see the workmanship before deciding who to shortlist. I guess it is very hard to determine the 'actual cost' as it reallly depends on the types of finishing and materials you choose. If you intend to engage an arhictect or have already engage an architect, I think he will be in the best position to help you with the construction cost to meet your budget.
  2. bbprincess...could you kindly share the contact of your builder? we are also planning to do a reconstruction for an inter-terr.