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  1. WTS taper glass round coffee table for $100 , bought at xclusive for $500 diameter 80cm height 30cm good condition no crack used for 2 years self collect at bedok south ave 2 sms to arrange koh 98562181
  2. WTS round coffee table - rotating, tempered glass for $100 bought for $500 2 years ago, still looking new sms to arrange 98562181 koh self collect, its quite heavy so arrange your own transport and helpers
  3. WTS 3 x study chairs $50 each 1 year old ..good condition view and collect at bedok south
  4. very nice store room rack, smooth sand finish.. nice enough for display cabinet for those who pm me abt this nice looking store room rack i got it from shelf n store for abt $300 with a free $50 stainless steel rack. the stainless steel side rack selling at most places >$50 already the storage rack is very strong and sturdy type can put heavy stuffs. each compactment is 3 feet inwards so there is lots of space i did not go for those cheaper hardware store type of rack as their finishing is very poor, i might cut myself when i put things in there. also worried about family safety. anyway the difference is only additional $50 i can get a much better, safer and nicer looking storage rack :sport-smiley-003:
  5. yo this is his renotalk post, you can email or pm him.. his response is very fast 1 dun worry :thumbs up: Eric aka bro ceiling fan guy
  6. we just moved in 2 weeks ago.... we had almost finished un packing and will have our house warming next weekend. :sport-smiley-004: first few days move in everything also dun have, got to go downstairs to shop for daily items like shampoo holder, plate washing sponge holder, key hooks, clock hooks.... i bought quite a lot of 3M command hooks, i think its a great product. i removed one as it really got no damage or mark on my wall.. amazing product! :thumbs up: i paste 4 behind my room doors to hang clothes :sport-smiley-003: i will be posting pics soon hehee :rolleyes:
  7. hi i bought these from kiitos at suntec or plaza sing. :notti: my total reno cost is 40k include electrical, i feel its ok as we had quite a few carpentry works. i had other "contractor" quotations more expensive but lesser items being done my reno is very smooth without any problems :rolleyes: Jessie is great too..... she just came up my house yesterday night to check final touch up. :thumbs up: i calculated my total spending for this house is about 60k, :jawdrop: include everything like aircon, roller blinds, study chairs, pots, wok, spoon, floor mats, chopping board, etc really expensive to start a family LOL :help:
  8. Samsung hw-d450 i bought it at $328. i saw cheapest is first 5 set $299. i like it coz its not as bulky as others and dont need to be wall mount. my TV is not wall mount too coz no feature wall. :sport-smiley-018: most impt is the price is cheap, sounds is not bad too. :rolleyes: i cant wait to test it out watching blue ray and EPL !!!! :thumbs up:
  9. haha feel like idiot sometimes.. i am like talking to myself here LOL :D tml fridge, washing machine and oven will be deliver meeting ID tml for some final changes and some areas need to touch up, one wall too rough and one cove lights edge not smooth. :sport-smiley-018: lights are up! :thumbs up: the last "luxury" item i bought, wife very hesitant to let me buy this. :furious: buy some more i going to get my butt kick. 8| still very tempted to buy a digital lock .... look so cool and high tech like korean drama :sport-smiley-004: should i buy a digital lock ????? :unsure: any bros and sis can advise??? thanks
  10. hi Eric Koh here from Bedok south Eric bro came and install 3 ceiling fans for me this morn. excellent service and installation skill for fan balancing. he changed the regulator switch for me when i told him that one of the regulator switch got some scratches. :thumbs up: very nice looking fan and nice breezey wind, dont need to be directly under the fan to feel the wind. thumbs up .... highly recommended. :good: :good: thanks bro Eric.
  11. hi went to check the lights another day and realized that actually my down lights and cove lights are bright enough, maybe i got too high expectation LOL :sport-smiley-004: my cove lights are bright enough for daily lights, on down lights if i need to work or read. :sport-smiley-003: anyway my only complain is that the reno is kinda slow.... really taking 8 weeks :unsure: :unsure: but maybe partly my fault as i add and change somethings. workmanship are quite good .. just a little bit here and there need to fix or change :rolleyes: i am really impress with my ID, her memory is really super... she can almost remember everything that i need to change.... when i said i got a problem with my bed head cant lean fully at the wall, i gave her my bed head measurement and the next day i saw it written at the wall for the plaster guys to fix.. really fast and efficient.... thumbs up ... forum super star really zai zai, dun play play :good: :good: my tiny toliet nice PD door, really save space very nice store room rack, smooth sand finish.. nice enough for display cabinet my fav ceiling fan, very nice and excellent service from eric bro (renotalk forum ceiling fan guy (highly recommended) :good: :good:
  12. :help: another problem :furious: my bed cannot lean flat to the wall without having space in between becoz of my aircon trunking running low. Ther's a gap in between the bed headrest & wall. solutions :dunno: 1) use carpentry to build 3 pieces of wood to cover the "holes" - cheapest maybe even FOC 2) build fake wall using partition board - $300++ 3) use carpentry to build a bed head "feature wall" - most $$ think i will choose option 2, to build a fake wall using partition board... OMG more $$ :jawdrop:
  13. hi guys so far reno had been smooth and no problems :thumbs up: only complain is that it is really slow. when ID say she will take 8 weeks , she really mean 8 weeks to complete :unsure: carpentry will be coming soon and i hope everything will be fine :sport-smiley-018: yesterday i went to check the lights. even day light is not bright. now i know downlights and cove lights are realli just for ambience ONLY. my study room got 4 x T5 day light (cove lights) and 2 x day light down lights.... can see from my electrical plan below. i was realli expecting this room to be really bright since i had so many ligths in there... but so sad the room is so dark, the section not under the downlights is so dark and gloomy... :furious: waste electricity every time got to on so many lights :help: will talk to ID and add more lights. WTH all these ambience lights is not as bright as 1 simple light in the center. :dunno: :dunno:
  14. oh no guys budget busting looks like all my "luxury" items got to be on hold PS3, sound bar, digital lock, novita alkaline water, feature wall, wall paper ......