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  1. Hi Summerholiday, We have been recommending the Novita brand for 2 years now to our customers, they can be found at most of the major electrical shops. www.novita.com.sg The bugs are about 1 mm small and only walk (Not fly), these are book lice, their main food source is Mold. the de humdifier / disposable dehumidifier (Thirsty Hippo) will slow down or stop the mold growth, But the room in question has already been infected. Painting over a moldy wall will not kill the mold spores. Hope this helps, Regards Terence
  2. Hi Ashlene, The compressed wood from that piece of furniture is infected, we have come across that piece before, the sliding mirror one that slides left and right to uncover a mini shelf for make up stuff. Most of the time, we would disinfect these infected furniture and ask the tenant or landlord to paint it over after disinfection. But unfortunately, this piece cannot be rescued, now the only fear is that the mold might have infected the particular room that it is in, or into the air conditioning system, where it will spread every time you use the AC. Hope this helps. Regards Terence
  3. Hi Mr Bean, I guess the only way to find out where the water is coming from is by cutting a square in the false ceiling, and have a look. It could be that the facade wall outside that affected room has a crack which leaks into the false ceiling area. It could also be cause by the rain, as it takes time for the water to go from the roof through your ceiling and then through your false ceiling. The real concern is that there would be extra moisture in that room, and with a mold introduction, that room could be mold infected. Hope this helps
  4. Hi all, can someone share with me how to post photos in here please? Want to post the photos of moldy furniture that we have treated. Thank you
  5. Hello Orchid, As we do inspections of people's homes almost everyday, we too have come across many Ikea furniture that are very moldy once moisture is introduced, it happens on the (raw compressed chipboard) back boards, the raw boards on the undersides of tables and at the right angles of laminated boards. (This has started approximately 2 years ago, before that we have seen no problems with Ikea furniture, it could be that when they store these boards in their factory in Asia now, these boards might have been exposed to the rain and mold in the area, before or after assembly) We have also seen furniture from V Hive, Novena (certain ranges), King's Furnishing (certain ranges) which have the same problem. Please kindly visit our website, under "Mold Problems" and you will see the moldy furniture which i have mentioned above. There are also some photos of mold infected air con units. www.evdisinfection.com The best thing for all with this problem without having disinfection done first, is to use a Paint meant for wood / metal and paint over all Raw surfaces, this will help to slow down the mold growth. Mold can happen on all raw wooden surfaces, in the crack and crevices. so please check your parquet flooring, "Antique" furniture, all wooden furniture. if you see that the lacquer or paint has been worn off, touch them up ASAP. If there is mold on your furniture, it is also most likely that the room it is in, has been infected. Hope this helps. Terence
  6. Hi Orchids, Are these bugs the type that does not fly, only walk and 1 mm big, if yes, these are booklices which have mold as their foodsource, Coating our the mold will not help and is only a cover up, till conditions are right again, which is moisture and dampness. You need to have the furniture disinfected, and inspected to see if there are other areas with these bugs / mold problem. Regards EV-Disinfection
  7. Good day Edea, There must be a moisture source in your home that is making the mold reproduces, Do you hang your clothes indoor? Do you close the bathroom door after showers? Are you living below the 6th floor? ....etc Painting over mold will be one of the worst things to do, as it will regrow really soon. Anyway, we have have mold photos in our Singapore website www.evdisinfection.com
  8. Hi Bunnymummy, There are many companies that sell these solid tops, and all can do the polishing, try to look under your solid top for the brand and google it, for the SG company that sells the brand. Terence 81867168 www.evdisinfection.com
  9. Hi Bunnymummy, the mirror can be replaced, just go to any framing shops to get it done. Terence 81867168 www.evdisinfection.com
  10. Well, i would recommend using the solid top, as this top does not have any joints, having joints like marble, granite and laminated wood, the problem would be that you will have to always check if the gaps are sealed, and have to reapply the seal once it is worn out. If water starts to leak into the wood below, you will have a mold problem and worse case the wood below will rot and have to be replaced. For the solid top, yes, scratches do occur, but you can re polish it if it gets really bad (5 years later). Hope this helps...
  11. Hi Aojk7164, Call Chris of StoneCrete Systems at 93837785 (Stone Care Expert), He can visit the place and give his expert opinion.
  12. Hi Velv, Just wondering how old are these AC gas pipes? The water area, is where the insulated AC gas pipe is touching the insides of the trunking, I suspect that the AC gas pipe insulation there is worn out. Would suggest that you use new gas pipes for your new AC, if they are causing so much problems, also get another AC guys opinion. I think that AC gas pipes should be changed every 5 - 7 years. Picture below of a trunking which is 15 years old,
  13. Well, if you remove 1 board, the behind side would have the brand name, from there ...find the distributor, if no distributor, find the manufacturer overseas.... buy a few pieces of your same colour and pattern, and get a local laminate flooring company to install it. You won't be able to DIY.
  14. @ CHIANG128 Hmmmm.. Removal of bathtub, HDB flat or private home? If HDB, then Shut off the water supply to the tub shower, but first you got to make sure that there is an individual shut off tap to the tub, if not, you will have to shut the water mains and go to the DIY shop and tell them your situation, they will sell you a copper screw thing and use can use a 10 cent coin to cap it. Next, unscrew the screw at the area where the water drains away in the tub. After that you can start hacking the tub out. Note that once the tub is out, there will be a short wall, you can start to hack it away. Now you will be left with your wall and floor tiles damaged. Try to employ a tiler to re tile the damaged wall and floor tiles, Cost about SGD 250.00 - SGD 300.00 for a day's work + cement, waterproofing and buying your tiles -- you can go to a tile shop and choose and buy on the spot, make sure you buy the same size for the wall and floor tiles. It will not look very good, as you would not be able to find the same tiles back, and if you did, the colour will be different (old and new) Suggest that you leave the bath tub and just shower in it. @ SNG28 The wall to your bathtub is very low, you will need to build it up, it would be good to make a base, so that when you put in the 2 -4 doors, you won't have problems with the water. Best to hack down the wall and rebuilt.