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  1. my id quoted me: 1) lbox - $12 per foot run. 2) false ceiling - $4 per sq foot 3) lighting point - $40 per lighting point 4) Installation of lighting - $10 per point (what's the difference between (3) and (4)?) Anyone can advise me? thanks!
  2. Hi Aron, I am looking for Mitsubishi Electric MXY-4A28 x 1 MSY-GE24 x 1 MSY-GE10 x 3 The above is for system 4. Can PM me the installation price, with thick trunking? Thanks!
  3. Anyone knows? I was told that the piping can be hidden within the lbox or false ceiling and it will look nice. however, some others also told me that if the piping leaks, then i would need to redo the l box or false ceiling so it's better to do the lbox and false ceiling after the air con is installed. What's the best way to do so as I intend to install a system 4 and place lbox/false ceiling in all my rooms. thanks!
  4. Hi peeps, I am looking at the following two hoods and hobs: bHobs Electrolux EGT9233SX Fujioh - FG773SVGL Hoods Electrolux - EFT9460X Fujioh - FS890 Any users of Fujioh / Electrolux care to comment? Both are meant for "Asian" cooking so I presume they are same but just wanted to gather some feedback from users out here. Thanks!
  5. Hi there, I am collecting my keys soon. Not too sure if emphasis should be on the day of opening or the day where I move in. And what things should I do for that day? Anyone can advise? Thanks!