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  1. i agree with pani. i'm trying to get my 2-room condo touched up and till now have been unable to obtain a quotation becos the job is deemed too small to be worth doing?! these feckless unprofessionals waste all your time and promise to quote but never get back to you despite reminders. why waste time on such unprofessional unreliable people?
  2. was considering bamboo blinds but read various feedback on this forum that bamboo blinds like disintergrate in 2-3 years, and with the balcony being rather huge, its just like flushing $$ down the toilet if have to replace every 2-3 years. are bamboo blinds with PVC backing more lasting? balcony faces morning sun and of course will get the rain ... HELP anyone ...
  3. thanks! for the info i've gone ahead and used ironwood anyone wants to know how that turns out with time, can just leave a message here 5 year warranty for workmanship and supposedly structural cracks witnessed the installation process and 2 workers sent took it step by step and in that sense were thorough had a friend's balcony decking cave in after 9mths, rented out to big size expats who loved standing for hours on the decking gazing out at the unblocked view.
  4. thanks what i meant was that i've seen more uniform finishing.
  5. i don't have the info my balcony's defintely bigger than the one in the pix the planter size is probably about the size of that but on one width there's some more planter space so like L shape does your company do ironwood? the timber color in the photo not very even what sort of wood is that? friends say the dark brown color runs when it rains -- how comes this happens? inferior stain used?
  6. i'm quote 1500 for ironwood possible to say how much more if its accoya? any photos?
  7. this forum's mechanism not very good only prompted me on your first post many thanks for your reply! the company's apparently been around for more than 10years i think that's what he said he's been with the company for 5 or 8 years i think singapore company his only quick and aggressive on closing deals service wise u ask him anything don't answer lousy on email, just verbal on everything -- very unreliable right. that's why i think you're right to say the 5year thing is a marketing strategy the worse thing abt this guy is that i think once the deal is done, want to get hold of him will not be so easy -- at least that's how he's coming across now yes he would not answer questions abt the surface, like stains, fading, scratches die lah, this balcony gets the morning sun this accoya -- so its a composite material? have u used accoya yourself? how did it turn out with time? is accoya more expensive than ironwood? what's your relationship to nature wood? have u used them before? thanks!
  8. thanks! but say i see this one widely recommended also have not come across any contractor offering accoya how does it compare with ironwood? came across a supplier who's giving a 5 year warranty on workmanship and structural cracks -- using ironwood. sound too good to be true? most of the units in the condo are using him ... most companies at most 1 year warranty on workmanship, some no warranty should i go with this 5 year warranty ironwood chap???
  9. am also intending to deck my balcony planter but cannot decide on the material to use looking for something low maintenance different companies push different materials and so say something not too good about another material so am confused as to what to choose composite wood sounds like the most low maintenance HELP!