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  1. Hi. I bought faucet & a separate sink spray from Bellari at Jalan Besar 4 years ago, & no regrets. So far no problems, & we do cook almost daily. The spray does not spray out water at high pressure (like the toilet bidet handheld sprays) as I had imagined, but it does the job. There tends to be a bit of water that drips back along the spray to under the sink where the flexible hose is. So we put a little plastic tub under the spray's flexible hose under the sink. At that time, Bellari did not allow me to buy the sink spray unless I buy their sinks too. ;( And I could not find any where else in Singapore that sold separate sink sprays. Another "downside" is that the plumber has to instal 2 separate water inlets, which can be done, just took more time. I wanted a separate sink spray as I heard that those that came with the faucet (not separated) spoils easily. And yes, it is so much easier to wash the sink with a spray when you have a big sink Hope that helps.
  2. Hi I am sharing this to thank all who have helped me directly or indirectly in my reno done in Aug to Sept 2010. It is true that u may have to run back to the lights shop a couple of times after buying (faulty lights, broken glass, extra pieces etc). So if time is not on your side, do choose a shop more conveniently located to u. I chose Balestier cos my workplace was nearby & there were plenty of shops & choices. I spent quite a bit of time & effort window shopping before buying from the following shops. Of course, price, functionality & beauty (in that order) were my main considerations. I could not find ALL the lights I wanted in any single shop, so ended up buying from 5 different places. 1) Eurostar Most lights here were expensive but they had an offer for 13w or 18w times 2 square PLC downlights (with the simplest design) from $19.90. This was the cheapest quote I got for lights with Atco ballasts & Phillips (?) tubes. They give a 1 yr free after sales service. They said they will go down to your place even if it’s just a faulty light bulb! Free delivery if u buy more than $300 2) Lightings.com.sg VERY competitive prices but NOT all items were the cheapest. It actually takes the stress off shopping when u do not need & cannot bargain. If u do not want to go to their warehouse to collect the lights yourself, just go back a couple of days later to the same shop to collect. However, it is a small shop & selection is a bit limited. All their lights and prices are online. So take all the pictures u want. They give a 90 days warranty on their lights but u need to bring to their shop. Delivery is additional $18. 3) Silic This is a double storey shop just 3 shops away from Lightings.com.sg. If u need country style lights, this is the place. The shop is single handedly operated by an extremely friendly lady called Jenny who gives excellent personalised service. She did not mind me taking pictures of the lights and trusted me to leave me alone to browse at ease. So this is one shop I felt very happy shopping at. Jenny is multi talented, fixes the lights, trouble shoots etc all on her own. Downside is that the shop may not always be opened cos she may be at the warehouse etc. Warranty is 1 month, u need to bring the light back if it’s faulty. That happened for one of my lights and Jenny fixed it without a fuss. Delivery is $20 4) Chan Huat This is a chain of shops, there were 3 along the stretch of Balestier, if I am not wrong. So u can get almost everything u need from lights to ceiling / wall fans. Prices were competitive and u can bargain for further discount. However, they do not specify any warranty on their lights & no after sales service. And no taking pictures! Delivery is free for orders above $500, otherwise $50. 5) Dreamlights This is at the end of Balestier near Moulmein, owned by the same boss who also owns Home of Lights at the other end of Balestier near Thompson Hospital. U can get the same light at 30% or so off at Dreamlights, as compared to Home of Lights. Service is also much better here at DreamLights. This is another shop I felt very happy shopping at. I could take pictures of the lights I was interested in. Jason, who served me, was really honest and helpful. All it took was phone calls to change my orders, or to do same day purchases and collections. They give a 1 yr free after sales service. They said they will go down to your place even if it’s just a faulty light bulb. Free delivery if u buy more than $200. In addition, prices at Extreme Lightings were pretty competitive too, but I did not get anything from there in the end. They did not specify a length of warranty period, delivery is free for purchases $200-$300. Hope the above info will help anyone who needs. :>
  3. I have asked Ben from MGL curtains, he said yes, the bottom can hit & make noises .;( Your friend's uncle makes roller blinds? How are his rates? Can PM me? TIA
  4. I am also considering roller blinds. However, I had a bad experience with Roman blinds: 1) The Velcro that attached the fabric to the track will not be sticky after a few yrs / washes (pls do not tell me no need to wash, we wash every half yr & it is SOOO dirty!!) So the fabric will keep dropping off 2) During a storm when there are strong winds, the metal rods of the roman blinds will hit agst the window grilles, making very loud noises. This is esp irritating when its at night. So, do consider these 2 factors carefully if u are keen on roman blinds. Can anyone tell me if roller blinds will also give that kind of loud noises? I know u do not have as many metal rods for roller blinds but does the bottom not hit agst the window frames during strong winds? Do the cords / roll up & down mechanism of the roller blind get broken easily?
  5. Hi I am considering using the above contractor / designer, address at Defu Lane http://www.artdecordesign.net/ Searched RT & sg brides on reviews on them but none found. Anyone has any experience with them & their electricians? Many thanks in advance
  6. Many thanks everyone. Tho I have yet to visit the SELFIX DIY store at Vivo, I concluded that solar lights are not cheap (at least $100+), & batteries may not last forever?? Also, not very bright Also if balcony does not get at least few hrs of DIRECT sunlight, battery may not charge fully. The solar panel of the lamp must be exposed to sunlight. I had thought of wall lights intially, but think that is out cos the solar panel of wall lights is on top & will not get direct sunlight. So may not be v appropriate for balcony, will be ok for gardens & outdoors. Maybe in a few yrs time, when the technology improves hopefully?? Thanks anyway.
  7. Thanks Livinstyle Yes apparently the selffix at Vivo has more than 14 types of solar lamps. Will chk it out. Also found the following: http://www.sunzhousolar.net/Solar_Garden_Light.html 200, Jalan Sultan# 02-08, Textile Centre, Singapore- 199018 Tel: +65 6296 8378
  8. Hi all I am looking for solar lamps to light up one end of my balcony & planters. I have heard that Solar LED lights are not bright enough, but thankfully I do have a power point in the balcony, just that it is off centre, so the other end is poorly lit. I thought the solar light will complement the lighting. And luckily, my planter areas are not that big. Thought of solar lights cos no need to hack walls or re wire. Anyone knows where can I buy solar lights for outdoor use in singapore? Can i turn it off when I do not need? Many thanks in advance
  9. Hi. I am trying to decide between using conwood (recycled cement and paper fibre) http://www.ecotimber.com.sg/products3.html & recycled plastic timber from http://www.uspl.com.sg/index.htm to deck up my planter areas. I have seen the WPC sample from goodhill & it looks / feels too 'fake', very un-wood-like. The above 2 looks & feels much better. Not keen on using real wood cos do not want to chop down more trees plus all the issues with maintenance, discolouration, splinting, warping etc. Has anyone used any of the above 2? Any issues / problems? Any feedback will be appreciated, thanks!
  10. Thanks for explanation, I see... Anyone knows where / how can we get bamboo decking for planter areas? I called up star bamboo yesterday & they only do indoors.
  11. Hi what do u mean re the height of your floor & bamboo flooring? Bamboo flooring is thicker than Parquet??
  12. Hi bro I must be the 100th person asking u for the contact for the Fanco fan! pls PM me, thanks!
  13. Hi does anyone know where can I buy a kitchen sink spray in Singapore? It is like a hand held toilet bidet spray that sits neatly on the kitchen sink on a ring. It is a separate entity from the kitchen tap. It is connected to a flexible hose and can be pulled out to use. I saw 2 models at Bellari for $39 but told they only sell their sink spray to customers who buy their sinks! So far, all the other shops I have been to (PJ, HK, SSC, Adamas, bathroom and kitchens supplies shops in Balesteir, Jln Besar, IMM and Boon Lay Trade Hub) have no idea what I am talking about when I ask them.
  14. Hi, I love your shoe cabinet! Thinking of buying the same myself. Wish to check with u tho, is it of fairly decent quality? Do not want to spend $699 for it to break down / peel after 2-3 yrs. Thanks! Appreciate your feedback