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  1. Yes, he has changed his name to Alden Oh n his new company name is Affluent Theme.
  2. Hi,

    can I have Michael contact no.?

    i need handyman service. 

    Thank you.



  3. Hi Texas, Yes, he is the con man. Did you saw him at IMM? That is his work place. Or are you staying Toa Payoh? He is staying there. Angrybirds
  4. A few BTO PROJECTS in Boon Lay will be collecting keys to their new homes. If you have friends/relatives who will be collecting keys, please pass this mishap of mine to them and also tell them to avoid going to this reno firm at IMM 3rd storey near to the carpark toilet as this CHEATER is working there. Please look at his sickening face and avoid going to him. He will turn your house into A NIGHTMARE. No joke. Regards, Angrybirds
  5. Thanks Dejawo for posting the husband & wife's photos here. I think my post is getting more and more interesting now with so many contributors. Even his wife also came into the pictures and also his scandal affairs behind his wife's back. Seem like GOD is really watching from above. LOL. XC90, if you have the link of the forums of him being exposed about the scandal, kindly do copy and paste it here to share with us. Angrybirds
  6. Hi, I was just wondering if we can set up some website to warn people to beware of this cheat. Since you've already got a photo... How can we go viral on this? The only way to deal with this kind of conman is to make his wicked way be known. Do you think we set up a seperate FB account just to make him known? Any legal implication?

  7. Hi, Kindly PM me yr email address so that I can forward the photo to you. Tks. Angrybirds
  8. Hi, Yes, he knows Spore law very well. He often says he got a very good friend who is working in the SPF. BTW, another thing that he can't change is his H/P no. cos he is a BANKRUTCY. A BANKRUTCY IS UNABLE TO ANYHOW CHANGED HIS NO. . If u really want to call him, try jamming his phone by calling him every minute. He will definately answer your call. I ever called him 40 over times( line busy call again, no answer call again) until he surrender and answer his call. Maybe you can try talking to his wife instead of him becos his wife is the DIRECTOR of his company. Hope this works. Angrybirds
  9. Hi, I had already forward you his photo, kindly check your email. Angrybirds
  10. Hi, I had already forward you his photo, kindly check your email. Angrybirds
  11. Hi, I had already forward you his photo, kindly check your email. Angrybirds
  12. Hi Please email me Kane's Picture. My email is dejawo@yahoo.com

    Btw, I have the bastard Address because he sign a agreement at my lawyers to pay me back my design Fees of $2100. Till date, legal debt collector only manage to take back $600. Let me know if you need more details.

    Thanks in Advance.

  13. Hi,

    Kindly leave your email address so that I can forward you his photo. Tks.

  14. Hi, Yes, we had made police reports and the case was still under investigation. Kindly do help me spread around about this CHEATER. Although he maybe an employee now, but his characters still haven changed. A CHEATER WHO CHEATS, WILL ALWAYS CHEATS. It's very unbearable especially during the renovation. Call him no answer, only will chase you for $$$$$. Work not done, everytime gives ecxcuses. Appointments with him always cancelled at the very last minute. So just beware of him AND DON'T FALL INTO HIS TRAP. Kindly PM me with yr email address if you want to see his **** FACE. Angrybirds