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  1. Hi could you please PM me your vinyl flooring contact? 




    Greatly appreciated 

  2. Hi,

    can I have Michael contact no.?

    i need handyman service. 

    Thank you.



  3. Can the brightness or "intensity" of the "fire" be tuned? As in, tune down a little to make it milder? Does it come with that option?
  4. Basically, most home appliances, items and lightings shop owners will tell you don't buy anything from China, as the latter is the reason why many vendors are closing shop in Singapore. Not a fan of Chinese stuff but in my reno experience, I heard so many people making anti china-ware sentiments but they themselves rebrand their alibaba imports and said it's from Hong Kong.
  5. Possible. I had the same layout as yours, except the utility room (Mine wasnt upgraded). And I managed to have the toilet twice the initial size, and without breaching HDB rules.
  6. It's quite different from the rest of the 4 rooms. A look at the floor plan, one immediate headache I would get is the master bedroom, with door from the bathroom jutting in the middle of the bedroom. Would like to see how you put the reno together.
  7. For a single man's home, could you have overpowered with electrical appliances? I mean, the sustainability issue with electrical bills etc like Big fridge models you chose. I reckon your washer, tv, hop hood also the higher end and bigger model?
  8. Not really. Singapore really has the most ex of almost anything except public phone calls still at 10 cents.
  9. I did a solid teak wood door and shipped in from overseas. The local ones didn't appeal. Now trying to get a locksmith to fix an appropriate and not overdone lock, so that it doesn't kill the rustic appeal of the door. I may resort to key and lock. :S
  10. I agree completely with you on this. The facade of any household starts with the main door. I spent a lot of effort to make sure I have the correct main door, and a gate to compliment. Good thing is my unit is away from lift, no fire doors mandated. This made life much easier for me.