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  1. Hi Bie, I managed to buy the glass panels and was waiting for sometime for the shelving support to come vide taobao... Sg doesn't have those that are suitable for my use... now only waiting for a free day to assemble them! I'm a procrastinator!! Are you getting my toilet bowl? I still like its sleekness, if there's one thing to complain abt, it's that the hole plunge directly down... difficult to clean compared to the sloped ones... lol (if you get what I mean) Love ur platform bed and ur hexagonal tiles... and yes, workers lay straight becos it's easier.. just that simple!
  2. Update more!!! I've completed my reno so now can only make myself happy by spying into others' reno... as well as archiving the good ideas!
  3. Ah, it's metal... kept thinking it's wooden carpentry... very nice!
  4. Bro, I'm always amazed by your DIY skills... the cleanig cupboard looks fantastic! Where did you go to fabricate it? Expensive?
  5. Kim, totally out of topic... but the tide pods are not shipping to Sg alr! Am so hooked on them after your recommendation...
  6. Nice reno! Envious of your big kitchen... and you can have 2 dining tables... lol
  7. Bro, if you are not putting window films, what other ideas do you have? I have big kitchen windows that I'm thinking of going with film, curtains in kitchen seemed troublesome... leaving them bare means little privacy...
  8. Oh ya... cos I had a blank door to start with, so I only drilled the hole myself when the grille is ready. If peephole on the side then a bit difficult, unless you dun mind viewing sideways?
  9. Hahaha.... Although I've moved in for about 6 months plus, I'm still looking out for ways to decorate the place and make it suit my lifestyle... Some DIYs I need: Glass shelves across my window for the plants.. More laundry drying space aside from my ikea rack.. My bedroom window is still naked... yah I know... All these projects are not difficult but needs time to source the materials and assemble them. I thought I would have time but time is spent on the couch catching up on my HK dramas and alcohol... anyone has any contacts for good handymen or contractors who dun mind these small jobs?
  10. Painting will be done someday... someday. I need to do some glass shelves across my windows for plants, drying poles for laundry and my window shutters for bedroom... details in my tblog cos dun want to take over yours Yes get the digital peephole with auto record function! I always review who's near my door when I'm away... lol. Can help you install somemore... hahaha
  11. Im still trying to get used to the rice cooker. Last time was using my fingers to measure the water of the rice... lol Renovation is never completed. Still have some minor project I'm thinking about but forever procrastinating after moving in.