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  1. Things are looking good! Aren’t you glad it’s almost over with minor hiccups only?
  2. I second the above sentiment. I don't understand why others would question your experience, after all it was your experience and not theirs. You have standards and you want them to be met, that's all. Other people may have different (lower?) standards, but that's their business and they shouldn't impose it on you!
  3. I look at my own reno and roll my eyes at some of the silly mistakes too. If I were to have a second go, I'd pick an ID over contractor too. I'm sure you'll do just fine this time.
  4. You mentioned you'll try not to make the same mistakes during the first reno - am curious what are you looking to correct in your second reno?
  5. I feel bad for your experience. I think the whole reno thing is a tricky business. Mine was a bit of a converse case - I didn’t go for friends’ recommendations but opted for a con who has good reviews online. Let’s just say you have to take even rave reviews with a pinch of salt, especially if reviews are from years back. There wasn’t anything truly terrible but there were many times during the process I wish I had gone for an ID instead. Anyway first renos aren’t permanent - give it another couple of years and you can always do over, armed with the wisdom of hindsight from the first time!
  6. According to their website, Blafink can custom make bed frames and headboards. You could try them.
  7. Where to buy stainless steel bathroom stuff that will be good for the long haul? I know the usual bathroom shops along Geylang and Jalan Besar advertise their stuff as stainless steel but how do you really know about the quality right? I honestly can't tell just by looking at a towel bar whether it's good quality stainless steel or not. Because anything that's drilled into tiles is a pain to replace so I want something that really won't rust. (I know of Song Cho's good rep but the designs are umm... I can't get over the little chicken logo they put on everything haha) Anyone who's bought SS items and used them for awhile with no problems, share your insights please!
  8. Thanks for the replies! I totally get it about owners who ask for quotes from many, many contractors and IDs - I avoided going down that route because I think it's a waste of everyone's time. On the other hand, I also think it would be nice if contractors could send their quotes in within a week if they're keen on the business...
  9. The workmanship looks good! Could you pm your contractor's contact please? Thank you!
  10. How long is a reasonable wait for a contractor / ID to come back with a quotation? This is after they've physically come down to view the house, taken measurements, committed at least an hour of their time to hear about your plans, etc. Has anyone ever had the experience of a contractor / ID doing all the above, and yet never responded? Thanks in advance.
  11. Is it too late to ask for Uncle P's contact? You have a lovely home, very inspirational!
  12. Could you pm your contractor's details please? I'm really impressed by how you've designed your home on your own, especially the kitchen.