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  1. Mel, As far as I know them, they have always maintained that no project is too small. Just give them a call and see what they say.........no harm in that
  2. Hey prelude....earnest interiors did up my home earlier this year. The payment schedule was as follows: 10% upon confirmation 40% upon delivery of material 40% progress payment (upon completion of wet works/arrival of carpenty) 10% upon handover I can safely say that you should not have too much problems with them. They will give you a rather realistic schedule and they keep pretty much to it (as long as there are no unexpected delays). Cheers and all the best!
  3. Exactly.....dots that appear very much like rust or corrosion but if scrubbed, can be removed. The guy from the company who changed for me said that the oil from the dishes and other dirty materials cause them. BUT.......dishes that appear on the rack have already been cleaned and are left there to dry. WHERE GOT OIL????? Anyway, wouldn't oil prevent the rust from appearing? So how?
  4. That is what I know of stainless steel dish racks lor.....should not rust or have rust-like stuff. I thought so too..... Anyway applefreak and MaCe, they insist that I am not maintaining the dish rack properly and that the rack should be scrubbed every week! Got such thing or not? My ID has been so good to work with but this rack is driving me crazy........if the rust-like stuff can be scrubbed off.....is it rust? !!
  5. Hi all Been a long time since I posted anything but have been reading the posts every now and then. I have a question for all forum-mers: Now the dish racks and shower racks (usually used to put shower stuff in the shower area) are normally made of stainless-steel. As such they should be rust-proof right? My dish rack keeps getting the rust-like stuff appearing on it. My ID has been kind enough to replace for me twice and they keep telling me that I need to keep the rack dry and wash/scrub every week. But isn't the purpose of the dish rack to hold dishes until they are dry...?? And the dish rack is not very easy to remove......Even the drip plate gets the rust-like stuff. The shower rack is faring well either. Less than 6 months only......the railings have become rusty and looks like it is years old. How? Is there a better way of maintaining such items? Are there plastic dish racks in the market? Help!
  6. Dun forget to add Goh Ah Bee to the list. Good prices for all and prompt delivery. Cheers
  7. I bought most of my lights from Chelsea. Very good service. Similar to lights you can see at Balestier and all that but much cheaper. Look for Uncle Ah Seng
  8. dun waste the $500. get them to bring you to buy lights or other stuff. i had to pay them $1000 just to sit down and talk for 2 hours. did not get them in the end.
  9. i am also another happy EI customer. for the 2 carpentry works done for me, no complaints and my agent who does condos as well, said the workmanship even better than some of those in condos. Jonathan is my man.
  10. I must say that EI is now getting its fair share of good comments. They deserve it! After sales service is first class........! Jonathan realised that my front gate kept banging against the wall. So he offered to put a bumper on the wall to stop that from happening.......COOL! During our reno, I found his group of workers from tilers to carpenters and painters were all very nice and pro. Do things quietly and efficiently. Will bother to take time to explain to us what they were doing and so on. You leave packet drinks for them....they will be even happier and work gets done even better. Cheers!
  11. Check out this guy's blog. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=7298# Cheers!
  12. I am currently using the Panasonic CSNN56 (i think). Doubles up as a convection oven as well as a steamer. So many functions that we are still discovering them..... Cheers!
  13. hi binZ Tink I might have deleted the quotation liao as project handed over a month ago. But dun worry about his quotes...not the lowest but very practical. De_princess Pls refer above. Jonathan is usually at the Woodlands one.