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  1. Hi everybody, it has took me a long time before i decided to post this reply. Im new here, therefore i registered an account in order to post this. Please note that the following event happened only to me and i am not trying to flame anybody. Whether it is true or false, you guys decide yourself. The main reason why i want to do this is because i want everybody to be careful when you are choosing an ID firm, or you would have to face the consequences YOURSELF. During Feb of this year. I have engaged *** Design Works to do up the renovation of my place at 306C Punggol. I was attracted to their internal lamination and soft closing hinges offering at a very competitive price. We have also went down to the factory to have a look at the machineries. It was impressive that ABS trimming and internal laminates are all done by the machine. The sales designer is very knowledgeable and patient as a we are quite fickle minded about our design. Till now, i have no regret choosing him as my ID(I shall respect him and not reveal his name) because he was very responsible and has help out alot throughout this difficult renovation process. Long story short, the renovation starts on the mid of April. Everything was going smoothly. Tiles are layed with good workmanship(at least to me) and everything was on schedule. I handed out my 3rd payment even before tiling works are complete. When the tiling works are done, i can already roughly imagine what my place would look like. After the 1st acid wash, my id had arrange the carpenter and me and my wife to meet up for site measurement(4 of us). I was excited and happy as we have alot of carpentry works in our place. When the measurement was done, the CARPENTER told us that everything would be done in a maximum 3 weeks. Please note that while we are waiting for the installation of the carpentry work, everything was still in order and up to schedule. However, one week before the installation date, my id called me and informed me that the internal laminates i have chosen are out of stock. I would have only 2 other options as the manager or incharge has not refill the stock yet. I was very disappointed as i only want that woodgrain colour to be in my internal cabinet. I was informed earlier that i would have to top up additional money if i wanted other laminates colour other than the 5 colours they have given. Feeling apologetic about the whole issue, my id offered to absorb the cost himself and give me the same type of laminates chosen for external layer. On the day of the installation date, my id again called me in the morning and told me that the factory had some trouble delivering the cabinet to my place. I was raging when i heard of the issue. Thinking why cant they tell me earlier if they could not install on that day. I waited till afternoon and my id still could not give me a confirm answer on when the cabinet is going to be up. My ID kept apologising to me and said that he really couldn't do anything because the factory is completely mess up. I couldn't trust him at that time. I thought he was trying to push the blames around. Therefore, i searched the internet for the factory phone number and gave them a call. When the person on the other line picked up my call, i verbally f*** them and requested for the manager or in charge to answer the phone. Mr Simon Beh, the boss of the company, MyIDFACTORY, told me that machines are down with some problems and requested for 1 more week. He promised that in 1 week, he can install every carpentry work in my house, FULLY DONE in 2 days. After 1 week, my id called me in the morning again(before the day of the installation). He said that he had went down to the factory to check the cabinet and can be delivered the next morning. Therefore i took 2 days leave from my workplace to make sure that everything would be done. On the next day, i waited at my new place in the morning and received a call from my id. He told me that the carpentry can only be delivered in the afternoon because his carpenter have some problems at the other jobsite. When he told me this, i could sense his helplessness about the delivery time of the carpentry. I waited until 4pm in the afternoon and was getting really impatient about it. I called Mr SIMON BEH personally. I told him that i wanted a refund for the carpentry work if he could not complete the work in the deadline. He asked me to stay calm as he will now order his worker to come to my site immediately. The workers came at 6pm in the evening and started their installation. 4 of them are all china workers. Not that i look down on china worker but i prefer msian to install my cabinet. My id and i were completely surprised at how they install my cabinets. All of them are inexperienced about installing cabinet and 2 of them actually sat down to chit chat and rest. Luckily my neighbours or HDB officers did not complain at the drilling noise they made. My designer was ordering and shouting at them for being so lackslust in their work. When they complete the kitchen cabinet doors, the doors are all slanted and the workmanship were horrible! (pictures would be shown to prove this) The track of the drawers even snapped when i pull out the drawers! The plywood at the base of the drawers were so soft that it actually bend downwards without putting anything on it. I have suspected that the materials used by the factories are from china. I was very disappointed and worried and angry at the same time. My id seems helpless about the whole situation too. On the same night. I went to the internet to search for the boss name Mr Simon Beh and came upon this. http://www.complaint...re-c327894.html or http://forums.hardwa...d.php?t=2624724. I called my id immediately and he told me that he had seen documents about landwealth international in the head office. Guys, like i said initially, im not trying to flame anyone. But please look at the names in the complaintsboard. When i went back to my home the next morning. i was stunned as the hinges are all rusty! I do not know whether the hinges are already rusty when they install the cabinet but i thought they provide STAINLESS STEEL HINGES? I called my id again and this time my id rush down to my place to take a look. My id called the boss immediately for me. He said that he promise to change the hinges for me. Does it mean that if i didn't see the rust, he is going to cheat me and tell me those are stainless steel hinges? After 1 week. Yes its 1 week and some of the doors are not up yet. Touch up for the cabinet has not been down. My ID, called MYidfactory to dismantle their own cabinet and asked another carpenter to finish up the work in 4 days. The carpentry are all done up now and im satisfied with the work. When i completed my renovation, my id told me that he will leave for other company. I am very grateful to him therefore i have told him about posting this thread before i came online. The dishtray provided by MYidfactory was left in my storeroom and it is rusting already. So much for its stainless steel. Conclusion: What you see is not always what you get. If it is too good to be true, it probably is. I will be posting the pictures tonight for cabinet installed by myidfactory.