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  1. common dear r u not reading my blog otherwise u must not have this question go through it.....
  2. thanks every one for your moral support.....
  3. thanx everything finish only 1 thing remaining its ok i don't mind
  4. hi jx83 nice to hear u r coming back or staying there only? its just behind... we will meet up sometime...
  5. hey guys i am having hdb permit latter that mentioned 1 month is that ok to complain hdb about my problem?
  6. u r lucky that u din get trapped. thanx everyone. he has given us so much stress i want allow him to go like that. thinking what can i do???
  7. thanx so much........evryone for giving console us, they r doing work slowly, not receiving call, liying only 2 3 patch up remaining. but he harrasing us a lot by keep dragging our work.....really feeling that i go and do something. after i finish my 2-3 things i will start upload my pictures...it will take 1 week.
  8. no its in vertex ubi *3. very sad experience.
  9. i think people here not interested in other's problem. i am just sharing my problem here to warn other people for what rt stands here to share views and problems during renovation. so that other dont do the same mistake.
  10. hey your reno progress very nice u r lucky not like mine....keep on updating i am also starting uploading my photos.....
  11. hi, everyone my id company is xd xxxxions at ubi my id name is jxxx xxxg.......my story is like that i am staying in the same unit which i am renovating now. for that i have to move somewhere else. he said he will finish our work in one month and almost 2 months yet not complete.. but this is not the matter. first of all he is very forgetful keep on forgetting the things and mess up all my house he is so irresponsible that not supervising any of our work. i have small kid and i have to supervise all my work in give instruction to his man tiles wrong color wrong everything in worst condition. last sunday when my husband call him as he has not install our washing machine properly he shouted and told my husband **** u la.... my husband get angry and fight with him and now he is harresing us not pickuping our call and if he want he pick up and send some man to work and showing us that we need him kind of things.... i dont know what to do? i am very upset and moreever he dont have any designing sense my whole house i have to design....i really want to teach him a lession.any advise what action i can take?
  12. i am so much stress with them what the **** the id they have really rediculous people....

    want to save others

  13. hi kb65 what happen in your case?

  14. KB65

    I totally agree with what other say about the _D company!

    Please never, do not use them!

    Believe me, I am one of their client and they messed up my unit!

  15. hi people i am back after so so long time......... i know no updates from my side but my reno was so painful and my id was really humiliating person. i would like to share my story with everyone so other beware of him and his company....plz dont choose them he is working now on new hdb in punggol anyone from that side???