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  1. Hi,

    mind sharing yr lightings contact? Thks.

  2. Have to say thumbs-up to Vohringer (my floor laminates) for the fast response and gd service in repairing my floor laminates. We noticed gaps in the floor laminates, possibly due to contraction or expansion of heat...or movement. Contacted Victor from Vohringer about it. He immediately arranged for his support staff to come down the following day. Closed up all the gaps. All free of charge as covered under lifetime warranty. Really no regrets about choosing Vohringer laminates for my floor for my house. Fantastic post-sales, post-reno service.
  3. Hi.. I'm doing survey for my report regarding minimalist house design..can you please kindly fill in my survey?? http://www.sogosurvey.com/k/RQsWXXYsRsPsPsP thank you so much! ^^

  4. One year plus into my renovation...some issues are showing up due to workmanship / quality of materials / design of the house... time to see if they can live up to what they promised and warranty against..
  5. oh yah I thought you were referring to my laminated floor. For my carpentry laminates, still looks good, don't seem yellowish at all. Chose glossy so that scratches would not be so visible and aging as well. With the LED mood lighting, they will reflect whatever colour theme I choose.
  6. They are matt. So far so good, no signs of turning yellowish at all. In any case, Vohringer laminates have lifetime warranty against wear-through, stains and colour fading from exposure to indirect sunlight or normal artificial light in a residential environment. So I guess they are pretty confident it will not turn yellowish as well. Very happy with the laminates still.
  7. pls pm me for any queries ;)

  8. Couldn't resist this white minimalist digital clock in the end...matches the white minimalist theme of my place too well...and a coincidence it comes with LED too... on its own without feature wall lights with orange lights with pink lights with blue lights
  9. Hi, I saw your post of transparent glass table and transparent chair and we love the design too!! Any idea how much it is? Where do you brought it from?

  10. Hi chling,

    Can advise me where you get oyur led strips from?

    Thank you

  11. hi bro, can check with you are u using LED strips for ur cove light? thanks !

  12. Hi, you can refer to my previous post on light cubes to get more info.
  13. There is also another set of rgb led at the ceiling cove lights that was not shown in the 3D but if u look at the actual pic i posted in my thread you will see it. The tv console feature wall and ceiling cove lights are all controlled by one remote, so they will all synchronized to the same color when I press the remote in the living room. However there are actually 2 separate controller so if I really want, I can have a different colour for the ceiling cove lights and the feature wall lights by using the remote close to one of the controller do that only one set of lights change. Yes the electrician connected the cable to a light switch so that I can use it to turn on the lights. One for the feature wall and one for the ceiling cove lights. The laying of the led strip is Quite easy as they come with 3M double side tape so u can opt to do it yourself or ask your electrician. The price and location for the white storage bench and light cubes I posted in this thread, you can look through in the previous pages of this thread as I cant rem now. The cubes need to be charged via your power socket so you have to connect them to charge once in a while. One full charge can last for at least one whole night and more so you can use them without need to recharge for one event. Hope that helps.