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  1. Hi, My 3 year old Bosch fridge is giving me a problem now. I called their service centre and their repair company is charging $800! What?? Any recommended repair service company that I can just call directly? TIA. By the way this is my fridge - Bosch KGN36SB31... HEARTBREAKING
  2. yes it's easy to clean. but lava rocks are needed to be changed quarterly. using it weekly btw. just avoid grilling pork because of the strong smell and grease. chicken, fish and less greasy stuff is fine.
  3. @NSW noooo! i just changed to a new housing because it is located in a weird place haha.
  4. Hi I'm selling my IKEA EKTORP 2 seater sofa bed in white for $350 (pristine condition). For delivery we can discuss about it. Need to give this up so I can re-confirgure the room for my baby. sms or whatsapp me at 9 6 3 4 4 0 1 5 Thanks
  5. High End: Grafunkt air Boutique space Mid End: cb2 (coming soon at peranakan place) Crate & Barrell (coming soon at ION) IKEA Mixed low-mid-high Some stores at tradehub Some stores at The Furniture Mall. Though this is an out of topic "Topic" this is a reno Tblog.
  6. yeah it is energy consuming! i have 3 40w globe bulbs in the dining area so total of 120w! like running a pc already
  7. @HaiDeChen didn't try these NUD concrete lamps? lol http://www.bolina.no/nud-tekstil-ledning-gra-m-betong-sokkel-4102.html
  8. hahah that's the previous model! btw where did you get that work table?
  9. yah. just store in the freezer it is meant for buckets
  10. hahah nice we have the same fridge! the best stylish fridge ever for small space
  11. I can see the nice NUD Hanging lights. are those the 4w one?
  12. yah they have the large globe bulb! 4 watts is too small haha
  13. @tessina you can get it at Howards. It's bamboo and affordable
  14. Large bulbs available at grafunkt parkmall for S$30 a piece and a whopping 40w!