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  1. I have engaged singapore carpentry (u czn google for contact, my ID is Le Anh) recently to do up a room. Very happy with their service , quality and commitment.
  2. No need their lifetime warranty where they screwed up the measurements. They won't redo cos it was already signed and agreed and who am I a layman to be able to understand these measurement accurately and I thought I can trust the ID ?
  3. The price they quoted me was ok but the service, design and follow up are terrible .I rather pay a bit more to get better quality work.
  4. Just to share the details of what went wrong with my project with R&R 3 years ago while I believe there are others out there who were happy with their service but not in my case - 1) caught their contractors smoking inside my apartment 2) ID Alan hardly come on site to follow up and I have to diy 3) top hung cabinet was installed right next to the room door where the corner cause anyone who entered the room to bump into it . Could be measurement issue but R&R said I signed and agreed to the measurement . 4) study table built on top of bay window doesn't have enough leg space so have to fold our legs in order to be able to sit and use the study table properly . 5) poor quality of workmanship . Ni2abs trimmings
  5. I used rezt and relax 3 years ago and my ID was Alan . Will not recommend at all.
  6. I used rezt and relax 3 years ago and my ID was Alan . Will not recommend at all.
  7. I have recently engaged singapore carpentry to do up a room and my designer Le Anh and the team of contractors have been excellent in terms of service , design and schedule. It's a small project to hack away existing built in study table and top hung cabinet that was designed by rezt n relax three years ago (wrong measurement where the top hung cabinet has caused us to bump into its sharp corner whenever we enter and a study table where there's insufficient leg space). The overhaul was fantastic .
  8. I have a hidden bed convertible to desk bought from Leda System to let go. Hiddenbed is a space saving combination of bed with desk. Leave your stuff on the massive desk plugged-in, and switch between bed and desk functions with 1 push Used for a year and condition is as good as new . Retail price at Leda system is about 2500 including installation cost . Letting go at 1100 sgd . Exclude dismantling transportation and installation cost and I can provide the contact for the above
  9. I am selling my hidden bed convertible to study table. Excellent condition almost like new. Used for a year and bought from LEDA systems. Letting go at half price, excludes dismantling transport and installation cost which is about 380.
  10. Used for a year and in excellent condition Convertible to a long study table that can sit 2 adults or 3 kids. Bought from Leda System for 2400 and willing to let go at half price
  11. Thanks. Under the spring line, there is some white space. Do you know if this space can be utilised or void ? If void, I assume it should be crossed out ?
  12. About 1200. Am looking at maximizing the space to increase storage space for books and shoes.
  13. Hi, I am looking for an ID/contractor that specialised in maximising storage area/space planning , as well as ladnscaping/design for small roof top. Thank you!
  14. Hi, I am looking for a designer/contractor who is able to advise on how I can maximise storage area in my new apartment. Thank you!