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  1. Came across their website and saw they did quite a good design... Any one engaged them before? and would like to hear feedback on . Interior as well. Thanks
  2. Hi, is this water feature from Fukai? I am looking at some of it at IMM last weekend. They have promotion going on.
  3. I do heard some bad reviews on Thom Signature from my BTO group neighbours regarding to some workmanship issues. Previously i am also considering getting them to renovate my house but after hearing the comments, i have decided to give them a miss. I do not wish to elaborate further as choosing an ID is very individual, we sure heard some reviews here and there but at the end of the day, it is yourself to judge and whether you trust the ID or not. It is good to visit a few of their completed projects to get a feel of their workmanship before commit.
  4. Hi, try to search on renotalk but couldnt find any reviews on Rezt n Relax. Any new reviews on them?
  5. I met up with them before and have not get back to them on my decision, most likely will drop them. i would say that their quotation are quite reasonable and its in the middle range as i compared with other IDs. The reasons that Viola is not shortlisted in our list are due to several reasons, i find that the ID not so much on designing background but more on Sales & Site Coordination, i believe they have another person to do the 3D drawing and designing of layout. As what we have observed, when some questions was asked, the ID was unable to answer immediately as he needs to check with his carpenter etc. When we requested to view his current projects, the ID doesnt seems enthusiastic to arrange and replied that we do not like such theme or giving excuses like those are big houses and condos and is not BTOs..... Although he did mentioned that he will check with his colleagues to see if they have any similar project on hand but the ID didnt get back to us on this. I saw that Viola portfolio are doing alot of resale HDB eg. 5rooms, EA, private condo and bungalows so if you are looking for 3 or 4 rooms BTO renovation, i think there are not much works to see... All these informations are based on my personal opinion, its better that to meet up with them and discuss further, best is can view their completion projects to see the workmanship. Its also based on your chemistry with the ID etc as part of the considerations.
  6. Any new updates on Blackjack interior?
  7. I have met up with Edmund before but he is quite slow coming back with his quotation, i think have waited 2 weeks plus already but still no news or update from him... anyone have engaged him recently?