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  1. I have sent an email to them before and waited almost 2 weeks and no reply even-though i called to remind. Maybe they are not keen to do small flat or less carpentry.
  2. Hi, can PM me the list of masters (Recommended and non-recommended) one as well? Thanks!
  3. Hi, i see, can share with me the link for your LED spotlight?
  4. Hi! where do you purchased your walkway light? (2 bulbs in 1 panel) I am looking for 3 bulbs one...
  5. For Vented dryer, is it creating much hot air in your kitchen? or still alright? i think condenser is not as hot as vented one.
  6. Btw, you using Electrolux condenser or vented dryer? i am also thinking to get Electrolux as well but stuck between condenser or vented type.
  7. Oh, i see... The installer charge you how much for this?
  8. Hi thanks for your reply. How was the quality of the wallpaper? as i am still thinking to get from Wall Story or not...
  9. Hi~! I like the shoe cabinet, its with the wood legs as well. It is using Laminate to done up the legs?
  10. Hi can link me the TB Bench? Thanks!
  11. Hi there, I am interested on the blinds which you have ordered ~ May i know do you measure the exact size of the windows will do? Do i need to give extra allowance? Thanks
  12. Hihi, how much is your Teka induction stove?