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  1. I have a black color PS3 Super Slim console with 500gb storage and 1 wireless Dualshock remote control. Also add in one additional pink color wireless Dualshock remote control and one black color duplicate wireless remote control and 5 games: Diablo 3, Fifa 2013, Resident 6, Metalgear solid revengence, Call of duty 4 modern warfare. Console bought on 4 Sept 2013 with warranty remain till Sept 2014. For fast sale at $380 by this Friday on 20/12, do SMS me on 9683ninenine7three.
  2. Hi, I would suggest u to check with other renovation shops for second opinion and pricing.
  3. Do you mind revealing which estate are you in?
  4. Hi, mine is sharp model but has the same problem like urs twice. Most likely is one of the pcb board: PMC board is faulty. Need to get technician to change.
  5. Hi footprint, have u received e letter from opennet yet?
  6. Not worth to repair as there might not be able to get any new spare parts for your fridge in Singapore. Even there is, it might cost more to buy e parts and repair costs will be much more. Get a new one instead to enjoy warranty cover as well.
  7. Hi, why don't u give a try at Sleepclinic which can be located at major Courts or Harvey Norman which I can recall?
  8. Yeah, me at blk 443. Btw, our floorplan design n layout are similar.
  9. Hi, welcome to RT. Your 3D design looks clean n nice.
  10. Hi, welcome to RT. Which blk u in at jadespring, if u dt mind me asking?
  11. Hi, here it goes. 1. Painting 2. Installation of lightings n cabinets 3. Touch up on painting
  12. Hi, welcome to RT. As for your queries, it depends on your requirement needs such as whether u wan to shift any existing PowerPoint, telephone point or tv point or add a new point at those areas doesn't have any existing ones. If u intend to have those, u need to do hacking, then wiring before tiling. Hope this help.
  13. For fabric material is really expensive. Y don't u scout around some more places or check out e expo ones?
  14. I suggest u call up hdb directly on tis issue n it should be much lower than wat ur ID has told u.