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  1. Yes it can be done direct on ceiling but U'll need to install L bracket to hold the trunking End of the day its all about cost Mount on ceiling will u able to svc or change the A/C piping if leak to me practical not beautify
  2. To my understanding most shower screen contractor will mount the fixed panel on kerb while the moving/sliding panel behind kerb As for your leaking i would say workmanship problem Go thru forum u'll notice all bros/sis here who install shower screen track R mounted on the kerb rather then behind the kerb. If track mount behind kerb there will be a gap any dirt or unsightly mould grow or stuck u will have a hard time cleaning removing it.
  3. Have you pay up evrthing??If not get your contractor down to fix up. I do have same shower screen like your's sliding glass type but no seepage the only seepage is i have is the dam wall constructed by HDB not flush with my glass door aft closing leaving tiny gap
  4. Yes seahorse sofa cover only can buy from seahorse as dimension diff from outside market unless u custom make
  5. My raised platform is done by Inovar they supplied cum installed Try called them up & look for Steve tell just say james from CCK & Casa recomend Photos chk our T blog for photos
  6. casa

    3S Quartz?

    Quartz supposed to be non porus so is stainless Can post a pic of your 3S quartz to show
  7. For laminate flooring U can try contact Inovar they r manufacturer cum installer My platform bed is done by Steve & his team price quote is resonable as I have gone round asking before enaging them. So far so no regrets still looks as good as new
  8. Best is drop by to check anytime of the day If day time unavailable drop by night time to c the installation they have done or work progress Coz I believe U & me are busy working daytime just to own this HDB nest
  9. Y not ask your contractor which quartz brand is he using rather then asking if its worth?? If its I Quartz price is almost there quality wise its Ok
  10. For me Innovar still going good Price wise reasonable among all i have source
  11. To my understanding the existing table top can't be use back Coz concrete support measurment unlike wood concrete support will be thicker then wood so existing tabletop will show reveal
  12. For laminate flooring can try Innovar Try calling them & look for steve My MBR platform bed is done by him & his team
  13. I used option 2 too Cheap & good but need patience & skill to stick it onto the glass
  14. Recently i just took out the water inlet filter of my gas heater for a wash found that the filter was dirty after washing place it back everything back to normal Pressure low maybe link filter choke do check with the technician as my is Rinnai