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  1. Hi renoseeker, There is no telling of how many years are the normal reno gap. It depends on how you look at it or how well does the current owner maintain the house. But if $ is the biggest concern here, you can always do reno when you have done enough savings. Most ppl prefer to renovate the whole house before moving in as it saves the hassle of shifting your things in the near future should you decide to renovate your house few years down the road. Or to save cost, you can always Overlay the tiles instead of hacking the tiles. This way it saves $ & time as well. My case was I bought this flat & I like everything abt it. Little did I expect that the defect was hidden by the chopping board. And later then I realised that I had to change the Kitchen wall tiles 'cos of the broken pieces. So I go from Reno for both toilets to reno for the whole house.
  2. HI, I think it all boils down to whether are you renovating your kitchen / whole house or not. Me too, just bought a flat. At first thought of keeping the floor tiles as owner did reno 9 yrs back. But we eventually hack & change all the tiles 'cos the floor tiles doesn't match the kitchen concept. I am a perfectionist. So I wouldn't want to have a new designed kitchen with an old design living & rooms' tiles. So end up, we change it to suit the concept. We did our homework & ended up spending less as compared to rumours about how expensive renovation of whole house can be.
  3. Hi, I talked to my ID about your predicament. He wanna know what kind of touch ups needed. He sd he needs to go dwn to yr place to take a look or at least know the things that needs to be touched up. If you want, I can give you his contact.