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  1. What is 'cognitive theory'? Feng shui got this method?
  2. Wow, Ivylim and snake ong so quick to defend lawrence chan?
  3. you can write something and can jump gun. I write something and you say I jump gun.
  4. I agree very much with people who said that what precedes the work, diagnosis of a professional is character. If a doctor has no sympathy, you may need to fear of the surgery. If a fsm uses vulgarity in forum post, it should also depicts the character which in turns the work. Last time there was a website called fivearts.net, any fsm who was from there criticising or using vulgar knows what I'm talking about.
  5. For your information, this fsm made a prediction in 2008 about the outcome after the lightning strike on the Merlion reported in newspaper. His predictions were wrong. I still have the newspaper report, keen can PM me. What I think is if a fsm can predict this wrongly, there may be a chance that house feng shui may not be accurate also.
  6. You missed my post page 35 #1413 Some forum surfers also spotted this fsm produced clones in forums to self promote. Check out mummysg.com. I think a fsm who resorts to these tactics is really 'lowly'. You should undo whatever this fsm lawrence did for your house or get another fsm opinion.
  7. Nothing wrong with joey yap....just that you act like a tape recorder in the previous posts. If he is your master, then you should behave like one, otherwise posting unreasonable or unwanted personality definitely will reflect on the quality of your master. My understanding of people who learn or practise feng shui first practise humility.
  8. In one post, Ivy waited for you at the high tea. According to her, you don't even have the guts to meet her. From some posts don't need facts. Lawrence chan or whoever fsms want to pretend behind posters will eventually be discovered
  9. How many posters putting real names? You challenging all the rest also? So your real name is colin tan? Why get so work up when i share about lawrence chan. I have also share about Hui, Tan etc. So they are none of uour concern except for lawrence chan?
  10. I also have a small list, news pictures, forum posts of some fsms. Those who keen can PM me your email.
  11. Why you so perturbed? What I said about lawrence chan is a matter of fact which i found out! Does it bother or prick you? Strange....who is this to you? I just share so that others can be aware. What's wrong?
  12. Hi all forummers, I feel digusted when I encounter fsm like this. He thinks he can hide behide the clones and self-promote. I think wiothout saying further, you people can spot yourselves. Good luck reading!
  13. So this fsm is not ripping poeple off? If he's an expert, then he should know what some people said about 因果. Doing things behind the scene is called 阴险
  14. How you know? Sounds like you stay in his home. He got study or not study you also know.