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  1. Here you go http://www.hdb.gov.sg/fi10/fi10324p.nsf/w/HomeRenoGuidelinesBuilding#Door
  2. I found a supplier in Singapore that does aluminium extrusion screens http://www.peaceon.com.sg/productsservices.htm
  3. We have a Alpha Smart 18E! It is the one without a pump because our waterpressure is quite high. We had it for over a year now and are happy with it. It looks great and came with a rainshower and separate showerhead. We did have a minor problem but that was fixed easily: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=58706 I looked at the 707 Princeton as well because of the brand, but thought the design looked a bit cheap in reality...
  4. Our contractor arranged the floor but it is from Berry Floor: http://www.berryalloc.com/global/en We laminated the living room and all bedrooms. Price was S$4.80 per square ft. I am not sure which company my contractor engaged but WoodCulture carries the brand in SG: http://www.woodculture.com.sg/
  5. I found a great old picture of our block: From: https://www.facebook.com/myqueenstownblog
  6. Our Alpha Smart 18E Instant Water Heater stopped working last week after only 1,5 years and the water pressure was getting low. We called Alpha Service (67478300) and a friendly local repair uncle came by. Fortunately no electrical parts were broken, just the water filter was clogged! The Alpha 18E has a safety feature so it does not turn on when the water pressure is too low. After he cleaned the filters everything worked fine and water pressure was powerful again
  7. We got our fire-rated door from Kiung Nam Pte Ltd. 62424333 http://www.kiungnam.com/
  8. Thanks for the link! Yes I heard of these mosquito screens before, also of the ones with velcro. But I think they are too flimsy and not practical for windows and doors without gates... The ones I showed are much more durable and easier to open and close...
  9. I am looking for mosquito nets for doors & windows that can be slided or opened easily. Anybody know if somebody sells them in SG? I would like to have fresh air without the insects... These are very common in Europe but haven't seen them here! If they are not for sale in Singapore I might bring some in next time I am in Europe. Let me know if anybody is interested in these things as well. Thanks in advance!
  10. We got it from Ikea! And it was S$99: http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/40171839/ Hope this helps
  11. Yes we cook quite frequently! You can smell it all the way in the living room but we just open all the kitchen windows and the smell is gone soon. We don't cook oily stuff though... Our kitchen has more of an L-shape and there is no kitchen door!
  12. A high-res picture of the washer & dryer under the sink
  13. Hope you guys have no defects in your place...might ruin the renovation! Check this out: http://www.facebook.com/groups/punggolsapphire.defects/
  14. Yes, the plastering of our entire flat cost around S$2,700. Seems like the normal price for this sort of thing... However, your walls & ceiling look to be in pretty good condition! Check with your ID/contractor if plastering is really needed.