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  1. Hi HansamuQ, Drove up to JB to buy the downlights, walked a few shops there but definitely cheaper than buying in Singapore. 18 watt ones if i don't remember wrongly. . .
  2. Hi Adrianh4rt, i purchased my venetian blinds from the curtain supplier recommended by my ID, If you'd like you can PM me i'll pass u the contact, the pricing is reasonable, For my living Venetian blinds, bedroom roller blinds, and two layer curtains for my house, i only spent $1400, which other curtain companies were quoting $1600 - $1800.
  3. Hi diva79, thanks for the compliment, was actually apprehensive when my ID suggested the blinds, but surprisingly it isn't really as bad as i thought, feather duster twice a week and voila. . .haha
  4. Hi Hillord, not sure how, followed the forum upload guidelines, when u click on the photos they will appear bigger. . .
  5. Thanks for the kind words DaddyWinter, yes i feel lucky that i didn't make the wrong choice, yes i have purchased a new SLR and will be taking photos during my housewarming later this month, will update full pics after the mess has calmed down!
  6. Maxed out the number of photos i have in the album, so i'm going to try to link the photos https://www.dropbox.com/s/ab7l12cl4oslx0k/Kitchen%20A.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/c5vp9jmwruc9bha/Kitchen%20B.jpg?dl=0 Completed Kitchen views https://www.dropbox.com/s/e3o1tm77dgakeyo/Washer%20Dryer.jpg?dl=0 Washer Dryer, as you can see on the left hand side, the kerb that he constructed to conceal the outlet pipe https://www.dropbox.com/s/4de99wcdwd11z4u/TV.jpg?dl=0 My TOY for my PS4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mnqdees7ba8cmad/CityGas%20Heater.jpg?dl=0 City Gas Heater dropbox folder only allows links, can't see the images, sorry. . .forum albums only allow 50 images max. . . anyway, i'm really happy throughout the reno process, yes i'm repeating, but you have to experience his services before you would understand what i mean. do drop me a msg or query if you would like his contact!
  7. Then the installation of my blinds and curtains. Venetian blinds for my Living Zebra Blinds for my bedrooms and two layer curtains for my MBRThen came the final part of my reno. . .the touchup works. Along the way, i purchased a number of lights from taobao at a really cheap price, and installation etc was all handled by Kenneth. The thing i like about him is not everything is about the dollar sign, many things along the way were done by him without cost, for example, one of the light holders was damaged via shipping of the equipment, and i mentioned to Kenneth to just reinforce it with masking tape and just install the light, but Kenneth refused, citing the safety purpose, he immediately took the holder and left my place, and returned in 2 hours with a brand new one, and when i offered to pay for the holder, he just refused. I'm certainly satisfied with the renovation process and works, and more than happy with the service and help that Kenneth has provided me, as you see, i'm truly grateful to his updates, and in times where a crisis seems to have struck a dent in the renovation process, i could count on him to be there to solve my queries, which is why i really wanted to do this t-blog to thank him for his services.
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    Granite Top B

    From the album: 440C Fernvale Link

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    Granite Top A

    From the album: 440C Fernvale Link

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    Entrance Light

    From the album: 440C Fernvale Link

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    Dining Lights

    From the album: 440C Fernvale Link

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    Ceiling Fan

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    From the album: 440C Fernvale Link

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    MBR curtains

    From the album: 440C Fernvale Link

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    From the album: 440C Fernvale Link

  16. Then came the light installation. entirely happy with the way the cove light design panned out, kudos to Kenneth He even made a trip down at night after another appointment as my wife wanted a glimpse of how it feels at night