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  1. hi,

    NW quote is about 22K. Yet to add the electrical cost

  2. Hi Did u do anything to cover up the household shelter door? Beautiful decor
  3. Hi yapht I think hdb has fluctuating efficiencies. Mayb you wanna call and expedite keys collection if u want it fast. On Wed, I went down to enquire abt our HLE and the duty officer said need another 2-3wks, We said it wasn't acceptable and demanded our HLE by end of this week. On Thu morn, my husband called hdb and asked who the officer is in charge and asked for HLE to be approved by this wkend. On the very afternoon, my HLE is approved. Likewise my neighbour chose their unit in Dec, recd her keys during end Jan, despite hdb telling them they can only collect their keys in Apr. This meant her HLE n keys collection all settled within a mth
  4. Hi AlvinC We just received news from HDB on our HLE today. I remember some of Coral Spring units were chosen much earlier than my balloted no. Mayb you give your duty officer a call and ask?
  5. "Kitchen custom made 16ft suspended bottom kitchen cabinet in laminate finish $1920 c/w casement door & ABS triming without Solid Surface custom made 10ft top hang kitchen cabinet in laminate finish $1200 c/w casement door & ABS triming without Solid Surface supply labour to install hob and hoob $80 supply labour and material to create 1m x 0.55m wall support at kitchen door top $150 supply labour and material to install 10mm clear tempered sliding glass door $750" Hi, Your quotation has no SOLID SURFACE>>>>what is the cost of the SOLID SURFACE?
  6. Hi AlvinC If you don't mind, which unit/Blk in Sengkang did u select? I also gotten a unit in Fernvale Lodge. Selected a unit on 18Jan. It has been 3 wks exactly since I submitted all docs for my HLE, til now no reply fr HDB. So today my hubby n I happened to be in HDB for an errand, we kaypoh to swing by HDB n found out that after 3wks, our loan case hasn't been assigned to any officer so the duty officer told me to wait for another 2-3wks. We got v upset cos last wk my hubby just called a HDB officer n she said HLE would b ready in 1wk (which is tis wk) but now we found out no officer assigned? Duh... We demanded an answer for HLE by this week. Let's wait n see FYI my upstairs neighbor who selected in Dec, recd her keys 2wks ago so barely 1mth, despite HDB telling her to wait until apr
  7. Hi Brian311 Beautiful plc you have. I like to contact your ID to quote for my new plc. Can you pls PM me your ID's contact no and your name so I can quote your big name. Thanks!
  8. Hi leestan William replied to my SMS. He'll b back in Spore this wed
  9. You can try calling Er at 98241220. All the services are in house so there will not be any 3rd party markup. Hope this help.

  10. Hi everyone Anyone using William now? I SMS him ytd and this morn but no response from him. If he's busy, it's ok but no response from him, I also dunno if I shld approach others in Summit. Or could he be out of town? Can I please have other IDs' contact nos? Thanks!
  11. Hi I was approached by Brian who is giving me a quote for my new 4 room flat. Will compare his quote with others Who are you all dealing with? Can share the quotations please?
  12. hi pinkwhale, Love the mosaic tiles in your kitchen. Can you pls share how your kitchen cabinet will be like? Any 3D pics or present pics?